Modernization of the Reaper and Raven UAV

Unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as manned undergo constant upgrades aimed at improving their ability and reliability. In this case, refers to the improvement of the ordinary enough chassis 4.7-ton (maximum takeoff weight) UAV MQ-9 Reaper. Modified chassis let stand at landing 30 percent more weight. This means that the Reaper will be able to return to the airport with a huge amount of unused fuel or weapons. This may be critical in this case, if UAV there is any discrepancy soon after takeoff. At times it can be hard to find a suitable place for frisky dumping fuel or weapons for emergency Pasadka Reaper. This means that there is a risk of failure chassis and destruction of the aircraft (plus a big fire and detonation of missiles.) New chassis not only allows non-hazardous landing more languid Reaper, but allows increasing its weight by 12 percent during take-off, which in turn allows you to take extra half a ton of fuel, equipment, or tools.

Even the smallest unmanned aerial vehicles, such as vsesuschy Raven (Raven) are constantly upgrading. In the last couple of years have made some big improvements. One of them was "harmless" mode, in which the UAV lost contact with the operator immediately, without the help of others vorachivaetsya to the launch site. It is also intended to facilitate the search for it in case of loss of communication or even crash. Another improvement is the addition of digital data link, which facilitated the process of video encryption is also possible to control the sixteen Raven within range of each other and not only by 4 as it was earlier. Also been upgraded controller. Now it looks more like a video game controller, which significantly simplified the training of new operators.

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