Modernizing set of Berezhok for BMP-2

An upgraded car presented at the joint international GMP "Don Counterterrorism" in September 2012. The attention of many participants was specifically aimed at the modernization of the known BMP-2 — BMP-2M "Berezhok." At the moment, developers streamline vehicle BMP-2, were armed with the Algerian army. There is no confirmed information on this upgrade to the Interior Ministry.

Upgrade-Kit "Berezhok" for BMP-2

Russian army is still in standby mode — BMP-3 does not actually come into service, BMP "Kurganets-25" is still a promising project. The military is only to glance at the armed units of the Interior Ministry.

"Berezhok" Tula KBP is composed of:
— advanced control system tool with panoramic sight and thermal channel;
— RK modern universal type;
— automatic grenade launcher.

Installation of weapons on board the machine performed very well, allowing you to read about more efficiency in carrying out the objectives in comparison with a car fire support "Terminator." Containers with missiles hidden behind broneekranami, which reduces the possibility of damage or debris in small arms weapon. The design of the main units of PU and noticeably easier, leading to cheaper cost and increase reliability. Grenade mounted at the top of the tower has received considerable angles in the vertical plane and the horizontal groove. The winner of BMP-2M "Berezhok" from "Terminator" and the vertical angles of the main weapon system is 1.5 times (versus 45 degrees). The upgraded machine can become the modern, cheap and reliable prototype light armored vehicles for the divisions of law enforcement agencies that are adapted to make the combat tasks at any time of the criteria at all.

BMP-2 launched in the first series of the 1980s, and until the end of the decade did not stop the creation of a general infantry armored vehicles. Purpose — transport infantry units on the front edge of the theater of combat operations, increase the mobility of infantry units, protection and support of weapons, even with an opponent of nuclear weapons. The military department of the Russian Federation has to this day, 5,000 vehicles BMP-2 and its modifications.

In connection with the termination of industrial life, there was a question on the modernization of combat vehicles, of a change in service with the BMP-2 the other machine can not even dream in the coming years. One of the variants of modernization of infantry fighting vehicles is MC "Berezhok."

The analysis of the use of BMP-2 and the development of innovative solutions zabugornyh analogues showed a need for improvement in all the main features of the machine and its weapons. The main point is the introduction of the BMP for the application of effective strikes against the main battle tanks of the enemy, filled with the protection of the dynamic type.

The main shortcomings of BTR-2 are:
— firing at night, 800 meters against 2000 meters in modern infantry fighting vehicles;
— reloading the anti-complex "contest" associated with the probability of defeat crew and lack of ability to fire on the move;
— MSA non-automated type is not allowed to use the fully modified weapons.

Refreshed fighting machine "Berezhok" is the brainchild of SUE "PCU." According to the developers, the car in the modernization acquired firepower comparable to the firepower 3-4 BMP-2.

Upgrade-Kit "Berezhok" for BMP-2

This upgrade immediately intrigued zabugornyh users of BMP-2. The first interested in the Indian military, from which she received positive reviews. First zabugorny contract for MK "Berezhok" developers signed with the Algerian representatives in 2005.

Installed equipment and armament:
— MSA from MK "Berezhok" — all day, automatic. It has automatic pairing. The unification of the complex "Bakhcha";
— ATGM "Kornet" with the effective implementation of a range of 5 km. Has the ability to fire at any time of the day on lightly armored targets;
— 30mm caliber gun. Purpose — firing at targets and light-armored infantry of the enemy;
-grenade launcher AG-17 automatic type. Purpose — shocking the squares?
— UTD-23 engine with increased power to 370 hp Increases movement speed by unequipped roads — 44 km / h Grows specific thrust on the highest velocities of more than 60 percent. Reduced, however nekordinalno fuel consumption — about 5 percent.
— Sight commander of the combined type (day / night). Unification with the gunner's sighting equipment;
-a laser range finder to run. Additionally they use it for aiming missiles;
— modern power stabilizer mounted weapons. Increased accuracy;
-Digital BV and a set of sensors to calculate the characteristics of the type of ammunition, guns catch tilt, angular velocity and features of the atmosphere.
-Subcaliber armor-piercing shell "Trezubka." Became part of the main ammunition. Has improved properties in terms of penetration.

Upgrade-Kit "Berezhok" for BMP-2

The complex "Cornet" equipped with laser-beam automatic guidance system. Armor piercing missiles to 1.3 meters. These features allow the use of a car to defeat modern tanks principal with dynamic protection. PU is used by multiply charged. Performance of 2 containers with missiles. Combat efficiency has increased due to the improved rate of fire and the greatest damage. It is possible to volley hitting the target (2 missiles).

Increasing the overall firepower 30mm AG-17. Ammunition — 300 ammunition. Stabilization on the vertical plane. The introduction of a grenade launcher in combat conflict significantly increases the efficiency of the fire and the defeat of lightly armored objects of the enemy. The effective range of the introduction of up to 1.7 kilometers.

In the course of modernization, the commander received a panoramic sight, little has changed its location grenade launcher, PU complex "Cornet" received armored protection. This modernization and became known as the KM "Berezhok."

The main purpose of the car remains constant, additionally having the opportunity to solve puzzles to counter air attacks and the introduction of the main tanks.

The effectiveness of IC "Berezhok" you can appreciate from the following example — when attacking a reference Fri company with increased BMP, the use of arms in the movement against the enemy, led to a decrease in the rate of loss of more than twice the costs (minimum expenditure of ammunition) to reduce its execution in almost 2 times.

The requirement to have the ability to overcome aqua-bottlenecking, leads to bad security machine. BMP is very hurt even from manual equipment (armor-piercing bullet), and read about undermining explosive charge or by the int
roduction of the BMP gun / guns. Inflated vulnerability on the battlefield.

Remained unaccounted for in the MC "Berezhok 'experience of using BMP in military conflicts — Afghanistan, Chechnya. In some other embodiments, the dilemma is given much much attention. But to this day remains one constant — the neglect of individual life fighter. The absence of the receiving level of comfort with cramped internal placement of the crew.

Modifications infantry fighting vehicle:
— BMP and AH-17 "Flame — BMP-2";
— Afghan version with advanced armor — BMP-2D
— modification to combat module "Bakhcha-U" — BMP-2BM "Bakhcha-U";
— modification by MK "Berezhok" — BMP-2M "Berezhok";
— modification with ATGM "Ataka" — BMP "CHC B05S011";
— Czechoslovak modification — BVP-2;
— Indian modification — Sarath;
— spetsmoditsikatsiya for Finland — BMP-2;

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