Modest Shades: Russia is waiting for a blast of three K — Kurdistan Karabakh and Kazan

Russia in the coming two years, may affect the chain of explosions and events that begins with Syria. This was stated by the president of the publishing house "Regnum" Modest Shades August 29 in Moscow during a round table on the events in Syria.

"In the criteria, when punched and imposed our expert diplomacy only appear when foreign policy issues are matters of domestic policy, it is surprising that in recent months, our political class discusses the" Pussy Riot ", and not Syria, the Middle East, the spread of the Afghan scenario, Russia's entry into the WTO, the destruction naikrupneyshgo economic partner of Russia — the European Union. Something that is fundamentally for us and our children — it's shameful, and it indicates the helplessness of the political class and the government. They need to give yourself a report — what is the future of Syria, we litsezreem? Syria does not exist in the status which we remember and know. This applies to us as the beginning of a large-scale chain of explosions and events that in the coming two years will affect our foreign policy issues, "- said Shade.

According to him, even at this time there is a danger of the terrorist war in the Olympic Games in Sochi, "If I were a writer, I would have said that we are waiting for the three explosions" K "- Kurdistan Karabakh and Kazan. Apart from them, there is a tragic for our country eventaround Sochi Olympics: diplomacy and terror war around Olympics — it is a fact which no need to open a discussion. It is no coincidence in the middle of advocacy efforts around "Pussy Riot" calls were made to the blockade of the Olympics. We are all in the Caucasus with the underground, terrorism, large disasters. This scenario would be to act so that we do not have to fall behind events. "

Earlier analyst Mike Neyzhmakov said that the danger of Islamists to move from activity Syria the Caucasus, perhaps, are the blackmail of the Russian Federation recently the 2014 Olympics. According to him, if it is remembered the Islamists Ossetia, then 18 months and can not have forgotten about Sochi. The position of the Russian Federation on Syria has long irritated sponsors and many favorites Syrian opposition because of pressure on Moscow and they use such dangers, he said.

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