Modest Shades: The heirs of Hitlers allies, the United States, the nationalists and the destalinizatory in the EU is prepared Nuremberg against Russia

In accordance with the decision of the European Parliament, 23 August 2011, the anniversary of the signing of the "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" between Germany and the Soviet Union in the EU for the first time observed a day of memory of victims of totalitarianism. In Warsaw a conference of Ministers of Justice of the EU, adopted the Warsaw Declaration. The U.S. Embassy in Estonia has placed an equal responsibility for starting the second world war on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Questions a REGNUM responsible Candidate of Historical Sciences Modest Shades:

Why the EU commemorates the victims of totalitarianism only, not remembering the victims of democracy and authoritarianism, fascism and militarism?

If the decision of the European Parliament on the establishment of days to the victims of totalitarianism still contained inside deaf slip of the tongue that apart from totalitarian regimes, the other day the second world war there were unnamed authoritarian regimes, under which the cost of additional outreach efforts can be completely legitimate to sum regimes in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Poland, the practice of which may also be condemned and the victims are to be commemorated, the Warsaw Declaration of 23 August 2011, the Russian translation of which was posted IA REGNUM, speaks directly only of totalitarianism: "Europe by Macha governed by totalitarian regimes, regardless of whether it was communism, state socialism, or even any other … totalitarian regimes are responsible for a large part of the gap stretches of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes … the perpetrators will be brought to justice … call on the European network of contact points on the issues of persons responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, see the issue of crimes committed by totalitarian regimes. " This formula implies that the allies of Hitler in the name-giving countries themselves betrothed countries responsible for genocide, etc., and even more so at the head of Hitler's allies Finland, Spain, Portugal, France, and is all the more democratic government of Great Britain, France, USA directly supported Hitler in his anger, to the east, in the direction of the Soviet Union, not subject to the Declaration and evrosoyuzovskogo justice.

In addition, the declaration puts the puzzle right, for the execution of which, in fact, and was started this whole game is a day of memory: the "real reconciliation (someone with whom — silent embarrassment, because it is a" reconciliation "of the EU with the enemy in the face of the Soviet Union and Russia, which has the burden of Russian heritage — MK) is impossible without a sincere and painstaking discussion and without the establishment of justice. " That's exactly "justice" and want to establish the EU ministers of justice. Not the head of the Foreign Ministry, not the ministers of culture — and the ministers of justice, which was a cook and will cook in the Union and the absolute agreement with the Russian "destalinizatorskoy" repossession new "Judgment at Nuremberg" — now over Russia — which is not necessarily award the only large-scale " reconciliation "with those with whom the EU of today is not waging war, and massive reparations for the crimes of Stalinism, for the very existence of the USSR as a country for the fight against the Soviet democratic and authoritarian allies of Hitler. And is — makes Russia a political "reconciliation" with those on behalf of whom the EU is, appears — with allies of Hitler. Very fundamentally realize that putting the condition of "reconciliation" of the USSR / Russian Federation to the EU, the European Union itself expressly states that the heir to the democratic and authoritarian allies of Hitler, on which directly and publicly conduct the genetics of modern modes specifically in those countries whose representatives gathered in Warsaw August 23, 2011, marked a day of memory and signed the Warsaw Declaration — a new program from Nuremberg.

The heirs of Hitler's ally, Admiral Horthy — in Hungary, the heirs of semifascist modes Smetona, Ulmanis, the Pats — Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the heirs of Hitler's genocidal protectorate — in Croatia to join the EU, the heirs of Hitler's genocidal ally Marshal Antonescu — Romania, it heirs "neutral" Hitler's ally — in Sweden, right up to 1976 of the practice of forced "sterilization" for political reasons, but not condemned by the EU and is not punishable, the heirs of the Nazi Protectorate — in Slovakia, the heirs of the nationalist repressive dictatorship of Marshal Pilsudski — in Poland etc. It heirs democratic Czechoslovakia, to destroy the cultural and political rights of the Ruthenians and implement a large-scale and bloody ethnic cleaning against millions of Sudeten Germans. The heirs of General Franco in Spain, of which hundreds of thousands of victims so far in Spain — after the formal "reconciliation" — do not read very accepted.

You have to be an idiot-Russian "destalinizatorom" modern RF or just a cynic and a traitor, that "not aware": the Ministers of Justice of the newest countries in Europe — direct nationalist and "democratic" heirs of Hitler's allies and collaborators. They did not put, do not put and will not be put to ourselves questions of "reconciliation", "justice" and retribution, for example, King Juan Carlos for the atrocities of Franco, Benes, Pilsudski, Horthy, Mussolini, Chamberlain, Daladier, Mannerheim, Antonescu Smetona, Ulmanis, the Pats and others whose "legitimacy" and the legitimacy they attach its own modern apartheid and the election, first politically and economically targeted "politics of memory". They will not impose legal sanctions against those who praise and detracts from the atrocities of these figures, they will not judge those who are fulfilling their solutions, has made millions of victims of atrocities in Europe. All of these countries and regimes have not answered, do not respond and did not answer for his role in the Holocaust, in most cases limited to rare protocol apology, not realizing the "justice" and "fairness." I'm not talking about that — even joining the EU — Croatia did not respond and is not responsible for the genocide of Serbs, created by it during the second world war.

What was the nature of the political regimes in Central and Eastern Europe in the years 1930-1940., Which on its own across the western borders of the USSR?

As I have said, in the face of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria — the USSR had to deal with nationalist dictatorships, assimilating and carried out the anti-Semitic policies and, therefore, who became natural allies of Hitler, with the victorious with terror mass shootings in civilian war In Finland the regime, who had sustained imperialist territorial claims against the Soviet Union.

What are the aims pursued by the regimes in relation to the USSR?

The overall goal of these regimes was the liquidation of the USSR, the dismemberment of his country, the redistribution of its resources among themselves. The goal pursued and those who are led by the U.S., Britain and France pushed Hitler and Eastern European countries to the war against the Soviet Union.

What is the political structure of the plan to implement the national movement in the 1940s. who fought for independence from the Soviet Union?

Only the municipal propaganda EU and U.S. and Russian official historian Chubarian say that the second global war started with a contract of non-aggression between G
ermany and the Soviet Union in 1939. Although some researchers and students not seeking personal profit in charge of the USSR, knows that the division of Europe with Hitler, "pacification" of the aggressor by the neighboring territories him in the direction of the East, the Soviet Union, section adjacent states with Hitler began to Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom, France and the United States. The apogee of their alliance with Hitler became the Anschluss of Austria and the "Munich Agreement" in 1938, dismembered Czechoslovakia, then any Stalinist Soviet foreign policy efforts were attempts to delay the attack of Hitler and his ally, "united Europe" on the Soviet Union, to push the next front as far as possible from its municipal and industrial centers, to avoid a war on two fronts — against Germany and Japan allied to it (the crime which, by the way, the EU is "geographically" does not notice, but perfectly resigned to "European" sham states of Central Asia).

What is the political structure of the plan to implement the national movement in the 1940s. who fought for independence from the Soviet Union?

Nationalist movements in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, who fought for independence from the Soviet Union, not the case during the second World War were allies of Hitler. Ideologically and in fact they were building pro-fascist, nationalist and anti-Semitic constructive modes, not only voluntarily participated in the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, but openly shared his ideological positions. Class ideology of internationalism in the USSR confronted not a "European values", which currently swear by the heirs of these public movements in the Baltic States and Ukraine, and the European Nazism shared by all the movements. Because of the "European choice" of the East European fascism can read only the pigs that own reflection in the mirror does not behold the pig's snout, and the "face of democracy."

Separately to say about the ideology of the heirs of Pilsudski in Poland during the second world war, the British government in exile of Poland and the Polish Home Army. Now only their goal to return Poland to the east boundary of 1772 clearly proves that they intended to actually keep assimilating, colonialist, nationalist and imperialist practices of Poland against the Lithuanians, Belarusians and Ukrainians in their ethnographic territories. Israeli historians known and massive anti-Semitism flourished in everyday life and politics of the Polish Army Anders.

Noteworthy that already mentioned in the Warsaw Declaration prescribes "to support the activities of non-governmental organizations, including organizations of the States embraced in the Eastern Partnership, which have been intensively involved in the study and collection of documents related to the crimes, the implementation of totalitarian regimes." Translated into Russian hands-on language, this means that the political class of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, if not eager to join the EU, or at least to feed in the EU, directly designated to collect materials to the indictment on the new "Nuremberg Trials "against Russia. This means that their revisionism own justification and glorification of Nazi collaborators "Forest Brothers", "Legion," Bandera — just as they fought against the Soviet Union — not only receive a plenary indulgence from the EU, and the direct assignment of practical russophobia. The election, anti-Semitic and Russophobe, in other words, remove the responsibility from their own Russian leaders, the national Communist nomenklatura suverenizatorov, Kravchuk, Kuchma yuschenok, Shushkievich, Beria, Demirchian Shahumyan Mikoyans, Aliev, Bagirov, Shevardnadze, Snegur Rjujtel, Peters, Vacietis, Brazauskas Gorbunovs, etc., and it only limits the defendants of the modern Russian Federation, "de-Stalinization" becomes a direct condition for their integration in the EU, which suprotiv "occupation museums" seem childish prattle.

Why the EU has condemned the Munich Agreement?

Since the EU as a whole and the ruling especially in the new EU member states modes — direct descendants of those who signed with Hitler that "Munich Agreement", who was an ally of Hitler during the second world war, who waged war against the anti-Hitler coalition in the ranks nationalist collaborationist formations.

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