Modification of the Israeli drone «Panther» — deck with Panther tiltrotor Tactical VTOL

Since 2010, the Israeli company «IAI» is developing a new type of drone — tiltrotor. The main difference from the existing UAV aircraft type — the feasibility of vertical landing and take-off, hovering in the air (screws with adjustable tilt). To do this, use three electronic motor with patented rotary screw.

In 2010, the brand new development was presented at a conference in the Israeli town of Latrun and the Washington exhibition «AUSA». Tiltrotor is presented in 2-versions — of the ordinary UAVs weighing 65 kilograms and a mini-version of a weight of 12 kilograms of equipment «Micro-POP». Not counting the dimensions and weight of the devil, a mini-version features a reduced flight time, which is about 2 hours.

Tiltrotor ability to GDP significantly expands its tactical ability and makes beyond the runway. This scheme of flight — vertical-horizontal type with the possibility of freezing can be used to at least some type of UAV.

On the basis of the basic version of the company «IAI» makes the ship (deck) version of the tiltrotor «Panther» for Israeli surface ships — corvettes "Saar-5." At this time, the corvette deck used helicopters.

Installed electric engines possess low noise. On-board batteries are able to provide a basic version tiltrotor flight for 6 hours. The highest altitude — more than 3 km. Introduction of combat radius of 60 km.

Management feature — tiltrotor control 2 operators (either one), one of which produces management flight, the other makes or provides posed a strategic puzzle. Apart from a stationary consoles mobile version of the management console. Take-off and landing can be konvertoplanov in automatic mode, so quite befitting to press the button on the console. The transition from vertical flight to horizontal flight is controlled by an automatic control system.

In the on-board equipment (Mini-POP) design of the "production of TAA" tiltrotor comes:
— camera with digital night vision device, with continuous zoom and automatic video recording;
— type of laser range finder;
— laser designator.

At the request of the customer can be set at least some equipment, such as the guidance system. The desired load is tiltrotor (basic model) 8.5 kilograms.

Puzzles Solved «Panther»:
— intelligence, surveillance, detection (ISTAR);
— raid on a constant surveillance;
— convoy escort and protection;
— operations border units;
— operations law enforcement units;
— special operations frisky response.

Key features:
— Vertical Take-Off planting;
— the introduction of the CPA;
— rapid preparation for use;
— ease of use;
— introduction of quiet electric motors;
— the highest quality of the purchased disk imaging (video and photo);
introduction Technology «Tilt Rotor»

The main features:
— Weight — 65 kg;
— Duration — 6 hours;
— the required load — 8.5 kilogram;
— operational radius of the act — 60 km.

Sources disk imaging:
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