Modular Jeep MAV-L

Engineering team Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems and Pratt & Miller celebrated the debut of the jeep MAV-L at AUSA 2012 exhibition. MAV-L is a modular vehicle that can carry up to seven fighters and just be a reconfiguration for specific tasks.

Despite its size, it can be transported by air in the inner compartment of the helicopter MH/CH-47 Chinook, this was achieved through technology configuration height ts designed specifically for its location in the cockpit Chinook. Specialists of Pratt & Miller responsible for the unique design of the car, went from an idea to a fully functional machine layout in a matter of months. Avowed favorite of defense, auto, avtosportnoy industries as production snowmobiles, Pratt & Miller is known for its Innovative high-performance engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Top view of the MAV-L is specifically designed for special operations. Photo: Northrop Grumman

"Our approach to the design of what is called a" spotless sheet "and special solutions use innovation of our entire team, consisting of professionals in various fields of industry. We provide affordable solutions that meet the requirements of military operations and the increasing use new abilities — says Tom Weiss (Tom Vice) President of Northrop Grumman Technical Services. We are fully committed to the Special Operations Command of the most modular and flexible vehicle, able to act with the greatest impact in at least some combat situation. Despite the fact that the car MAV-L was designed to please the requirements of programs from GMV 1.1 SOCOM (approx. Doctors: replacement of 1,000 light Humvee jeeps at a walkable car), We believe that the car will find its application outside of SOCOM. For example, such events are a necessary reconnaissance group of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, best teams we move the air, as foreign customers. Car designed with the greatest ability to adapt and modernize. "

BAE Systems has experience in the production of military tf. If the car is elected MAV-L, it will be released on the production of the band in the state of Texas, where soon run MRAP and tactical trucks.

"The ability of our partners, coupled with many years of experience of Northrop Grumman in the integration of C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) in the Army ensures that our clients receive ts meet all the requirements of the modern battlefield," — says Sturek Frank (Frank Sturek), managing programs from MAV-L Northrop Grumman.

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