MOE will pay fuel for its aircraft, which extinguishes fires in Tomsk

Russian Emergencies Ministry will assume the cost of providing its aviation fuel, which puts out the fires in the Tomsk region, previously entirely paid for jet fuel from the regional budget, said Friday the administration of the region.

The total area of forest fires in the Tomsk region for the last day increased by 147 hectares of Friday morning was 8.8 hectares. In the region of 32 forest fires are raging. Fire suppression and work on extinguishing organizations engaged almost 4.5 thousand people. In extinguishing fires, for 20 aircraft of various agencies, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"This decision (payment refueling) was the result of a call, the Tomsk governor Sergei Zhvachkin with the Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters Vladimir Puchkov," — said in a statement.

Expenditures not specified.

According to the regional administration in the works of putting out forest fires and patrolling in the Tomsk region today involved 10 aircraft MES (three Il-76 aircraft, three aircraft Be-200ES, three Mi-8 helicopters and one Mi-26).

According to the regional Emergencies Ministry, for the last day in the fire areas aircraft flew 139 water releases totaling 707 tons.

In the forests of the region continues to operate a state of emergency.

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