Moldova again put up for sale at auction 6 Russian MiG-29 to the old price — $ 8.5 million

Moldova again put up for sale at auction 6 MiG-29, remaining at the disposal of the state army after the fall of the USSR, at the same total starting price of $ 8.5 million was told at the Ministry of Defence of Moldova, the auction for the sale of aircraft will take place on August 7 2012. at the international airport Marculesti. In addition, the auction exhibited two AN-72. Both aircraft, as well as MiGs, made in 1988., But one of the An-72 is located at the airport in Chisinau, the other at the airport in Kiev. They are offered for sale at a starting price of 950 thousand dollars and 650 million dollars respectively.

The fee for a role in the auction for the sale of MiG-29 is 3 thousand dollars, the AN-72 — 300 USD. In addition, applicants must pay a deposit of 10% of the starting price of the lot.

Fighters MiG-29 more than once exhibited by the authorities of Moldova to sell, but buyers for them not to be found. As the Minister of Defence of Moldova Vitaly Marinuta, if it does not realize these fighters, they should be disassembled into parts and put into scrap metal. He recalled that put up for sale planes MiG-29 are in non-flying condition and in need of repair, which is estimated at about 30 million USD. According to the views of the head of the Ministry of Defence of Moldova, the aircraft had to implement another 10 years ago when they were in relatively good condition.

At the current time in the state army Moldova Numbers 5 helicopters, four of which are in Afghanistan, where participating in peacekeeping missions under the auspices of the United Nations. In addition, the defense department Moldova belong to four military transport aircraft (two of them are out of order). In 2004. a former military base aviation Soviet Black Sea Fleet in Marculesti, located near the city of Balti in northern Moldova, the airport received the status of a civilian mission, and in 2008. Moldovan authorities have decided to do on the basis of the former military airport free trade zone. After the collapse of the USSR the Moldovan government sold a large part of her inherited military equipment, including the MiG-29. According to international reports, in 1992. The first of them was sent to Romania in order to pay the debt for the military and other assistance provided by the State of Moldova in the Transdniestrian conflict. Two years later, another four fighters were sold to Yemen. The largest party (21 fighter MiG-29) was sold in the U.S. in 1997. for $ 40 million in the current time in the Air Force Moldova there are only six such aircraft.

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