Moldova has flown point of no return

Geolocation Moldova to the rest of her stories was exciting the minds of European politicians. If you look better, then the government itself Moldova emerged as a buffer zone between civilized Europe and feral East. In medieval Europe needed a strong Moldova. Now she needs a dedicated Moldova.

It should be noted that as the territory of Transdniestria was not part of an old Moldavian border, and later still the land moved Moldova the events of history and the political situation. Modern Moldova as a subject of international law recognized in the common border with Transnistria, and there's nothing you can do about it, it puts more precise awareness of the boundaries not only of Moldova, and the adjacent European countries. If we turn to the events of the late 80s and the parade of sovereignties early 90s, then you can just understand the logic of the events of 1992 and the Transnistrian military conflict, which could not take place at all. What was the Moldovan political class early 90's? We can say that the political class was not, and was the party elite with a limited way of thinking, which is not meant to be separated from the Russian Federation as the successor to the USSR.

Of course, the patriots of the late 80's brought the community setting of independent Moldova with a touch of nationalism, Russophobia chauvinism. Particularly against the background of these events is increasing social tensions, not without the participation of interested countries in the United States and Romania, who pursued a clear goal — separation from Moldova's Eastern policy. In accordance with interstate agreements, all weapons, except for tactical and strategic nuclear weapons, departs Square republics. 14 Army Commander General J. Netkachev offered President M. Snegur neutral option — he was appointed Minister of Defence of Moldova, and he, in turn, provides the rule of law and the safety of all weapons. M. Snegur denied a decent general, and on Yu Netkachev was replaced Lebed (from a cohort of hawks). Heated Bucharest M. Snegur decides to clean up the power of guns, on the wave of pseudo-patriotism and nationalism, and the impoverishment of broad layers of the population. Party of weapons and armored vehicles cross the bars to the East. Military advisers Romania are developing a military operation. The result is known to all. Now M. Snegur try to present as a lifeguard Moldova, although it must be admitted that, according to international law, he and his advisors fall into the category of war crimes. As a result, Moldova is divided on the Dniester. Revanchism and attended a military solution to the issue in a political lobby right up to the beginning of the 2000s. After 2000, certain steps are taken to resolve the conflict. At first, developing the concept of combining state apparatus and security forces in Moldova and Transdniestria. So why is this Voroninsky plan did not work? Again the same because of personal characteristics of President Voronin which tried clumsily to maneuver in the "love triangle" US-independence — Our homeland, again due to lack of talent own advisers in the first direction. In this context, it must be said that the Communist Party of Moldova Vladimir Voronin and prepared themselves falling through the government's own strategic errors. It is clear that the military strategy of NATO adopts the latest Moldova without communist rule. Specifically Voronin made the deployment of the U.S. branch of the NSA in the building gene. Staff of the Republic of Moldova, and the U.S. Embassy, in fact, coordinated anti-communist opposition in Moldova. Secret negotiations Voronin against Russia. Including on the Chechen issue when Voronin personally instructed Gen. V. Gaichuk smelters provide air defense complex "Igla" Chechen separatists from the military airfield Marculesti. After that, the demarche Our homeland has become a concern to Voronin with suspicion, and he lost the support of.

Voronin should be considered invalid and the Moldovan Machiavelli Stefan stateliness. But it should be respected by virtue of the fact that he brought to the stability of society and certain attitudes that will have an impact on the Moldovan society even 5 years, then starts to decline due to the fact that society is no longer willing to live with him, but with the Alliance, a non-live can be. Particularly against the background of the beginning of 2011 in the Moldovan society some extra-parliamentary parties clumsily trying to exploit the idea of a "third political force", without having a theoretical base. Particularly against the background of the Municipal Department of the United States already finds substitute for the Alliance for European Integration, compromised themselves in relations with neo-fascists and unable to political compromise. A special role in this lies with the Prime Minister Vlad Filat, who collaborated in his youth with the Romanian secret services. It was he at the first meeting with Igor Smirnov gave certain guarantees to the latter, including personal ones. Thought offset Igor Smirnov, three as in the air. Special services Moldova prepared the ground operation and under it, presenting it as an operation of the FSB and GRU. But the first meeting with Vladimir Filat was not wearing historical significance for Moldova and Transdniestria. The historical significance as it is surprising, as usual, came from across the ocean from Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and his Euro tour (in 1974 edition of Time magazine included Senator Biden one of "The 200 people coming that will make history.) Specifically before his arrival and after his departure, the Moldovan politicians openly receiving advice from a South American ambassador to Moldova. Specifically, Biden brought the documents and proposals for Smirnov. Specifically This package will open a discussion between V. Filat and Smirnov in the second half of May, 2011. It must be assumed that these proposals will be generous, which will lead to the signing of an agreement between Moldova and Transdniestria. Smirnov himself understands the importance and the danger of not signing these agreements.

That's one of the scenarios of the U.S. Department of Municipal "peaceful" shift Smirnov H. After a day Smirnov not signing the package of proposals, a day X gains on new Transnistrian government with a resounding political statement. Smirnov's attempt to crush opposition to the latest estimated global society as an attempt to crush democracy and Smirnov declared dictator. The international community has resorted to military force and does pre-emptive strike on the facilities of Transnistria. The Moldovan armed forces uchuvstvuyut it. Russian troops limited without being attacked in places where, remains neutral. During the three days of war and mental pressure on Smirnov leads him to the negotiating table or departure from the post. Immediately U.S. diplomats in France, London, Berlin, Moscow begin to diplomatically resolve the incident. Officers, more or less familiar with the planning of NATO, known as the legend referred to support military operations.

The meeting of the Supreme Security Council of the Russian Federation 25.04.2011 confirms this alignment of political events in Moldova and Transdniestria recently.

Political Self-Profiting after this meeting are known. But whether they will bring peace and tranquility in Moldova, taking into account that the actions of April 7, 2009 does not have a logical and mental relaxation ….

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