Moldova plans to buy in Romania written off MiGs

In the words of 27 February 2012 «Aviation Explorer», Moldova has expressed the intention to purchase from Romania decommissioned Russian MiG-21. As reported by, citing MoldNews, it was announced last chief of staff headquarters of the armed forces, Colonel Vladimir Moldova Donets.

As said Donets, evenly Romania getting rid of older aircraft and crosses on the F-16 «Fighting Falcon», used by NATO countries. Romania — a member of the alliance since 2004, noted the Donets, outdated morally and physically MiG-21 Romania plans to sell at eighteen million dollars per aircraft — at an estimated price of a salvage 100 50 thousand dollars.

The number of aircraft that Moldavia intends to acquire for its own air force, not specified. According to the Donets, formerly the country's authorities announced their intention to purchase the aircraft for $ 240 million

Colonel raises the need to swing the purchase of obsolete MiGs. As explained to the Donets, in violation of the air border of Moldova civilian aircraft overcome distance from the Dniester to bars and rods for 8 minutes. A fighter pilot in handy about 15 minutes to warm up and plane to catch in the air. During this period of time the offender will leave the air space of the country.

Romania announced its intention to purchase 20 second-hand four F-16 from the U.S. Air Force for 1.3 billion dollars. U.S. in March 2010 Next Romanian Air Force had to get four new 20 F-16 and later — 20 four F-35 Lightning II, to replace the written off the South American F-16. But in September of last year, Romania has stopped negotiations with the U.S. to buy planes — because of lack of funds.

Currently in service with the Air Force Moldova are six front-line MiG-29 are in non-flying condition. They are in need of costly repairs. Moldavia a couple of times tried to implement these Russian fighters, but failed.

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