Moldova will make another attempt to implement the MiG-29

Moldova will make another attempt to implement a fighter MiG-29 remaining in the Russian republic of time. On it Find a buyer for these machines republic's authorities are trying for a couple of years, but until now has not wanting to be found.

The auction for the sale of six MiGs appointed for August 7, it will be held at the international airport Marculesti. Overall starting price for the car — 8.5 million dollars (before, in 2011, the fighters were offered for sale at such a cost).

At the auction also exhibited two AN-72 one of which true time is Chisinau Airport, the other — in the Kiev airport. The starting price for the one of them — 950 thousand dollars, for another — 650 thousand dollars.

The fee for a role in the bidding for the sale of MiG-29 is three thousand bucks, in bidding for the An-72 — three bucks. In addition, applicants (if there are any) will have to pay a deposit of 10 percent of the original price of the lot.

Put up for sale fighters MiG-29 were issued in 1988 (sold Antonov An-72 — the same year of production), in the true time they are not exploited. Machines need to be repaired, the value of which is estimated at 30 million dollars. The Minister of Defence of Moldova Vitaly Marinuta noted that if customers can not find on the MiGs, the machine will have to take scrap metal.

During Soviet times, based on the terrain of Moldova aircraft of the 86th Fighter Regiment, the Black Sea fleet, which consisted of 33 MiG-29. After the collapse of the Soviet Union most of the fighters, inherited the Republic, were sold in the United States (later implicated in relation to this transaction Defense Minister Valeriu Pasat was a criminal case, he was accused of abuse of office and causing great harm to the state — in general, then Pasat was acquitted) .

The remaining six MiGs Moldova has tried to implement a couple of times with the auction (the proceeds to the republic's authorities plan to purchase new helicopters). But trading was thwarted due to lack of buyers.

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