Monopoly on trade instrument should be preserved

RF once again really in danger of losing maneuverability in the field of military-technical cooperation

In the near future, and in our country and abroad often sound judgments about the need to radically revise the existing system of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries, as de-monopolization of trade instrument is obsolete and abroad in the coming negatively affect the state of the Russian military industrial complex. Try to figure out whether this is a matter of fact.

But first it must be said: expressed about the present order of presentation of the PTS as a whole are reduced to one — only because of the significant liberalization in sales of Russian weapons and military equipment, as well as the creation of additional criteria for foreign trade, maybe more companies will give the Russian defense industry accelerate the development of our "defense".

Disturbing trend

Yes, because historically, that the supply of arms and military equipment abroad in our country is the prerogative of the country. During the period of the Soviet Union were engaged in this department (or other in those years it was called differently) worked on funds the Union budget. But relatively recently, the Russian government has transformed Rosoboronexport — the company a monopoly on trade Russian weapon in the global market AME — a public company that manufactures its activities through commissions received for the implementation of arms to foreign customers and Russian military equipment manufacturing enterprises. These numbers shall be approved by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and agreed to the Russian government. All monetary transactions are completely transparent. Naturally, many of the details of military-technical cooperation to the general public is not notified (similar practice is not limited to only to the Russian Federation), in general, need to make clear, a special reason to do so. Every manufacturer of AME prior to the sale contract signed by the respective committee, which enterprise agrees to pay. Rosoboronexport as a municipal mediator in this case concludes treaties with foreign customer and with our manufacturer of military mission and the upcoming assumes full responsibility for the deal.

But now the management case Russian "defense" as the first 90, without seeking the help of others to start selling abroad finishing armaments, military equipment, and spare parts for them. With all of this, of course, something of his position to motivate. And in the course are the arguments aimed at narrowing the field of Rosoboronexport and the virtual elimination of the monopoly of the country's trade instrument.

But as a result of similar actions fully real is the threat to get one hundred percent of AME misaligned market, returning the result in a situation of chaos in the sphere of military-technical cooperation, which has been a dashing 90. And at that time was actually lost maneuverability MTC. Defense companies, trying to intrigue potential buyers with their products, conducted openly dumping policy, intrigued against each other, and the result in the end was, to say the least, disappointing — the volume of arms exports fell sharply.

Now there are signs that the trend is to move in this direction not only outlined once again, and greatly strengthened. Need to immediately and openly declare: Nothing quite good this phenomenon in today's stage of development and military-technical cooperation, and defense of the Russian Federation does not promise.

However, trying to convince the Russian public that the monopolization in the implementation of instruments abroad leads to a sharp rise in the cost of the proposed possible customers WME models and as a consequence of the loss of competitiveness of the products of our "defense" in comparison with foreign counterparts. In these assertions immediately clear what prevails: stupidity, terry inexperience or lack of understanding the foundations of trade business (trade, what is appropriate to recall — the lot of trained professionals, as well as virtually any other form of human labor)? His whole point is precisely in the translation of the product at a likely cost. Do not forget also: revenue taxed. And if the funds from the sale of arms and military equipment will go to the state budget more, the same company — manufacturer of weapons, and without that not remaining for nothing, the government will give additional orders already on equipping its army, its own fleet.

For example, you can put a foreign customer helicopters, rescued by seven million dollars per unit, as a civilian car (and they will soon be in the military and government armed forces will be fighting). Is it possible for such a rotorcraft get 17 million bucks. What is more profitable for the company and the country, the question is rhetorical.

Referring to nedavneshnemu tender MRRCA, determines the choice of the Indian Air Force fighter provider. This "contest" won the French. At first it was a total of about 11 billion dollars. But at the moment there are voices from Paris that the initial price of the contract aircraft manufacturers do not satisfy the Fifth Republic is the meaning of talk about the latest figure — 18 billion dollars. And something in France can not hear any critical comments and disturbances in vain, he says, to do so. Those Frenchmen sell their tanks "Leclerc" at a cost of about one and a half to two times superior to our requests for the T-90. Do not lag behind in this respect from the Allies and the Americans, offering to buy "Abrams". Although the fire performance data armored vehicles more terrible than our tank. And they are not controlled weapon equipped.

So Makar, the more expensive will realize Russian weapons, so all in all it would be better for the Russian Federation and the manufacturer, the more money will go to the budget, the greater will be the tax base. A if businesses are trying to sell their products more cheaply, they just steal from the country. Yes, plus the fact you can not forget about the serious claims made immediately to the quality of the delivered arms and military equipment. In some cases, various Russian "defense" is losing ground in the global arms market for the follow reason: for sure, can not be called at least one agreement, the implementation of which is not accompanied by the receipt of complaints from customers and delays in sending his products in a strictly timeline. Immediately, we can not find a buyer of a new standard of equipment only as MTC, formerly "attach" it issues armament, flunked all after-sales service. Such examples are also, unfortunately, a lot.

In addition to all the rest as a result of reform of military education in Russia is actually over training foreign officers and cadets. In other words, we do not prepare professionals for the operation of our own military equipment that the most naughty way affects the MTC.

Nabegut and trampled

In general, I would venture to provide the level of thoughts such a hypothetical option: monopoly in the sphere of military-technical cooperation instantly eliminated, defense companies have the right to independently sell their products all over the wide world. But unless they have a dozen representative offices abroad? Where CEOs take money to open their own missions? And who will coordinate the work of producers of AME?

At the same time constant and davneshnie Russian buyers of military purpose are known in their envoys Rosoboronexport, which is called, in the face. Company outlines the main areas of activity for many years to come. Advertising plans are drawn up for cooperation with more than 60
states. Then these documents are coordinated with leading companies which manufacture weapons and military equipment. Only on the role of international arms fairs and content of Rosoboronexport representative spends over 40 million dollars a year. Huge funds were released shortly after the preparation of the new board of the company — an interactive exhibition center. To him also now queue lining up of foreign delegations. Here it is, marketing in action. Funds allocated for the decision, and many other issues.

At the moment, may just turn a situation in which hundreds of companies will run on so painstakingly cultivated over many years of plots and overnight vytopchut all that is in it sprang. Legal personality in the defense sector in a short time grows, the output is many-headed hydra, and as a consequence maneuverability processes MTC naturally falls.

A lot of foreign customers in various scouts and walkers. The method of calculation of light and composition, they certainly will come to the Russian manufacturer, ready to trade at the cost of dumping. And it is not necessary to be surprised. If external market competitiveness appears naturally zabugorny client will seek to acquire the technology cheaper.

Now a few words about manufacturers of unique parts. With this, we must admit, are not all the glory to God. For example, as a prime manufacturer of rotary-wing aircraft have been nominated company "Oboronprom". Let's Rosoboronexport received from foreign customers request for spare parts for helicopters, for example, wheels, batteries, appliances. It seems to be easy: you have to immediately apply specifically to the appropriate company. Take a commission and sell the product.

But at this point in the course of the subsequent circuit. As an artist determined "Oboronprom". He takes a commission for the service and … entrusts business entities within the holding company "Helicopters of Russia", which also receive their due share and pass the job service division. But it is far not the last link in this chain: he, too, rely commission, and the order arrives at the Kazan Helicopter Plant. Only here and cardiovascular disease has not produced parts. The company — all just a collector, a kind of integrator — again, you can not deprive the commission. And only after that comes the turn of the vendor-specific parts. How many end up after that can cost an ordinary nut?

By the way, specifically parts just trying to withdraw from the range sold today VTS system of weapons and military equipment. A structure built on these parts was a parasite, not giving them the right to sell. For example, in the markets of AME sounds expression: AHC "Sukhoi" — a unique manufacturer parts. That is very far from the truth. And Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" such is not the case.

But on paper it is written — and the Russian and the British — original equipment manufacture. And the numbers — AHC "Sukhoi". In fact, all of these companies and built structures — frankly paper organization. There is a real war. The same chapter USC Roman Trocenko struggling with the owners of the shipyards. They are specially starving shipbuilding, so give him a penny. All this is to a certain extent, even deception control of, its misinformation.

Justified in any way will not work

Now some municipal bureaucrats come to the CEOs and they say: finished with Rosoboronexport, for we will give you the right to export activities. But what they fail to realize is real? The buyer country, these people usually do not know, do not have the language, personal contacts and communication with them is not, approaches to the customers they do not know how and ability to organize presentations of AME.

But if the event is in, say, the head of the country, in this case, there should be one approach. If the Commander of the Armed Forces — the other. If you came to the presentation of engineering and technical staff of a foreign customer — the third. All you need to report in different ways.

Upon liquidation of the monopoly on the trade instrument will inevitably arise and such a question: who will do business with those countries which have no money, and there is a need for AME? In this case, the payment offered various amounts (ie even a fish). In Rosoboronexport is a spice for many years specializing in offset program for you and incidentally runs a department that oversees issues. And who will do it in the absence of similar structural units? Directors, producers? They need only "real" money. If only for a while to imagine that Rosoboronexport will abolish these countries almost immediately fall out of the line of the future buyers of Russian weapons.

At the current time in Russian industry are processes of integration. But really able-bodied built structures in the defense industry will be a very long time. A lot of water will flow until they get on their feet, inside their squabbles and ended feud between the companies, general managers, they will begin to talk together, to establish appropriate financial and banking affairs. Surely, only then you can give them the right to go to the outdoor market.

I repeat that actually makes a lot of built structures in the industry is still only on paper. But the desire to do business with enough surplus. Although many of them have not even internal cooperation is not adjusted properly and to really work they started.

Integrate defense companies at the right scale, of course, necessary, but it is necessary that the respective company has developed a truly efficient and started to manufacture products. And that gave companies the right kind of after sales service, spare parts supply, and it soon became clear that the latter have not.

If enterprise wants to get right to the foreign economic activity, it is necessary to evaluate in terms of monetary independence, stability, it must expose bank guarantees. And many of them now simply do not have the means ought to.

Allow yourself for the next repetition. Some of the foreign customers, of course, delighted when the Russian manufacturers of arms and military equipment, shoving, crying out to potential buyers: "I," "No, I am", "I'm selling cheaper!". But it is appropriate to ask: what, for it specifically and fight for?

Businesses, of course, thinking only of their own interests. And it's his normal, they can be aware of. Gryanuvshy crisis, too, to a certain extent justified such "export aspirations." But what reason at the moment when, in "defense" are beginning to enter the trillions of budget rubles, tearing at the outdoor market to Russian producers of AME? After all it is now is not urgent necessity. They need to update the funds to increase the quality of the product. Many of them completely nothing to do abroad. But they stubbornly falling into it.

The Russian state is to sell more weapons and military equipment outside the borders of the Russian Federation. Better cope with this task single supplier for determining the price characteristics in talks with potential buyers. If you wish to keep our homeland won positions in the world market of arms and military equipment, you need to at least do not interfere with the existing structures of the PTS, to prevent growth in the field of legal personality of companies and built structures.

Meanwhile, the market for trading the instrument is not in place. Unfortunately, have a tendency to significant reduction in contracting in Central Europe and North Africa, China and Iran. Yes, the Russian arms exports in recent years has grown considerably. However, some regions and countries have been lost due to the configuration of the political situation inside the countries themselves or around them. A tool of trade, as we know, specifically depends on the different causes of international politics. This is, of course, is a significant
precondition for not hasty abolition of the monopoly on the sale of arms and military equipment specifically for the moment.

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