More than 3 million people have been affected by an earthquake in Guatemala

The number of victims of the recent earthquake in Guatemala has exceeded 3.4 million people, reported the National Service to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

Previously, the number of people left without electricity, water and communications, estimated at about 1.2 million.

According to the latest data, the powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake that occurred on November 7 in Guatemala killed 44 people, the country's economy suffered serious damage. As reported by Latin American media, the earthquake caused damage to 11 of the 22 departments of the country. Documented that approximately 30,500 people have been evacuated, almost 10,000 of them are still in temporary shelters. Destruction of varying degrees of severity recorded in 21.8 thousands of homes and other buildings, of which 11.6 thousand have rebuilt.

According to the Minister of Finance of the Central American countries, Guatemala is now the government has allocated about $ 140 million for work on the economic recovery. Assistance in this ready to Inter-American Development Bank. Meanwhile in Guatemala continues to receive assistance from other countries. On Saturday it was announced that another 50 tons of humanitarian aid sent Venezuela. In total, since the tragedy in Caracas sent to Guatemala for 150 tonnes of aid, especially food and medicines.

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