Moscow betrays Belarus

Minsk evenly losing ground, with significant blame for this lies with Moscow. EEC and the IMF agreed to support the Belarusian economy by giving loans. Thus, Belarus will receive $ 3 billion from the Eurasian Economic Community. bucks in parts. What's the price? Minsk will have to do anything for a very long time resisted, keeping the legacy of the Soviet Union — in the three years to realize (when they received three tranches) of municipal assets worth 7.5 billion dollars. bucks. In practice, this onerous conditions that put Belarus on the cross as an independent state.

Belarus forced to make such a concession to the plight of the economy, which has caused food panic and the possibility of default, devaluation or a newcomer. In January-May 2011, according to official statistics, the prices of major consumer products in Belarus increased by 20%. The republic's economy has suffered two severe shock: 1) a sharp increase in the prices of energy imports, and 2) the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble by 56%.

What would hypothetically could do Lukashenko?

— Abandon these criteria that lead to the loss of economic policy.

— Remember the state union, creating a true Union government with the Russian Federation.

— Immediately abandon the appeal of free bucks on its territory, the move was a big mistake to Minsk. Minsk, allowing the circulation of dollar as a means of settlement, practically began the destruction of its own monetary system, creating a large demand for the currency, including the terrified population and Entrepreneurs. Minsk to reduce the maximum demand for the currency inside Belarus, that she came into the country, remained in international reserves.

Assist Belarus to fall

The Executive Director of Freedom House, former Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs David Kramer in an interview ARU urged assist Belarus to fall: "Belarus is facing the danger of economic collapse, the situation in Belarus is the most critical point. In my opinion, the West at the moment is just to increase the pressure, and not to help Lukashenko. At the moment he is on a narrow ice, and we need to assist him under the ice fall, which, in principle, can lead to the collapse of his regime. And it would be great to Belarus, it would be great for Europe. It would be great for all those who support democracy. I hope that no one will help Lukashenko get out of the situation he has created for himself. "

To this end, the views of D. Kramer, to resign in the credits, the EU should impose sanctions against Minsk. In principle, the U.S., EU, Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have limited formal contacts with Belarus, they do not consider Alexander Lukashenko "democratically elected president". In 2011 was renewed sanctions, and from March to May expanded.

The position of the Russian Federation

Moscow, while not imposing sanctions against Minsk, but urged the Belarusian authorities to respect human rights, in other words there similar position with the West. In addition, Minsk has on economic pressure, such nedavneshney "milk war". Moscow delayed the issue of credit, at this time the crisis developed in Belarus, and of the smallest amount than expected Minsk.

Very quixotic position, why the West hates Lukashenko — it is clear he is in fact the only independent politician in Europe, but the wicked of — the big question. Stubborn, yes, but not to such a degree, that actually take their own only ally on the strategic principle west. Either we are not allies, and the idea of a single state is no longer attends the head of the Russian authorities? Capture of Belarusian companies is more important? In Moscow's policy for more than a year, the trend clearly traced by the repulsion of Belarus from Russia.

It's amazing looks that gives Moscow multibillion loans to Venezuela, Indonesia and other states to buy Russian weapons, large debits funds from a number of states instead of getting their assets (land, deposits of minerals, infrastructure, etc.), and Belarus, brotherly people, part of the one of the Russian civilization does not want to support. Hunt believe that Belarusians understand that a policy of official Moscow and the world of the Great-Russian nation — is at the present time a very good phenomenon. Moscow is the real pro-Western policy, this can be seen in Libya. Replaced in order to comply with the interests of the peoples of the Russian civilization, of, one of the Russian people.



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