Moscow did not sell Damascus offensive weapon!

As passed February 13 RIA "Novosti", Moscow has never supplied Damascus offensive weapons. This was in the Sun in an interview with "Ekho Moskvy" said Misha Bogdanov — Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the special representative of the Russian President for the Middle East.

According to the special, military-technical cooperation with Syria always was "quite limited."

High-ranking diplomat said: "Given the regional balance of power, we never delivered to Syria offensive weapon; always was defensive. " Diplomat was asked, "And now?" On him Bogdanov said, "And at the moment, of course."

For 10 months Syria do not stop anti-government demonstrations and protests. Every day there are reports in the media about the death of innocent people as well as employees of law enforcement agencies. According to the UN, the total number of victims has exceeded 5 thousand people. Syrian authorities claim that clashes with the armed opposition were killed over 2-thousand law enforcement officers and military personnel Syria. Against them are the well-armed militants.

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