Moscow will give way to Transnistria?

In Chisinau and Bucharest apparently believe that the time has come, "Gorbachev-2": Romanian media reported Medvedev and Obama have kept secret agreement that Moscow will hand over the Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic and support the European integration of Moldova, through the entry into Romania.

And for some it is even a "victory" — say, to gain exposure to the "whole of Moldavia", Russia should "give Transnistria" Chisinau. Romanian journalists believe that the arrangement of Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama includes several Fri:

— The demilitarization of Transnistria, the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers her. This will generally be legally correct step, because Russia has not recognized the independence of Transnistria (Dnestr Moldavian Republic), They are officially part of Moldova, and she set a status of neutrality on it on its territory should not be foreign troops. Put pressure on Russia and external forces — 10 July OSCE Parliamentary Assembly approved a resolution that expressed support for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria and for the transformation of the peacekeeping operation. By this we mean that the place of Russian forces even before the settlement of this conflict must come civilian observers under the auspices of the OSCE. In Moldova raised the question of whether that Chisinau "insists on the need to end the process of withdrawal of Russian Federation of their own troops and ammunition from the territory of the Republic in accordance with the obligations undertaken in the course of the OSCE Istanbul Summit in 1999."

After the withdrawal of our peacekeepers in the same RF leaves no leverage to influence the situation. Lose Russian and Ukrainian business, but all the advantages, including economic, will be in Bucharest. The dream of a "Greater Romania" will be realized. Kiev also lose and geopolitically — Romania and so the requirements of the territorial claims, and after the elimination of MTCT, the situation is even more complicated.

— Force the Transnistrian republic to be a part of Moldova, Chisinau on criteria. The director of the Institute for Public Policy Chisinau Barbarosie Arkady said, "Tiraspol should to agree on a formula, which is registered in the Moldovan Law of 2005. And it eliminates the federalization. So there is another option — Moscow should find such a favorite of Transnistria, who agrees to the terms of Chisinau. " Curiously, and for what it is Moscow? This can only be if the head of the country's outspoken traitor its public interests, such as Mikhail Gorbachev.

Almost Moscow offered to withdraw troops a one-sided manner, click on the Transdniestrian authorities, that they were disarmed his forces were allowed to enter the Moldovan forces cancellation of the actual sovereignty.

— Support the efforts of Moldova enter the EU, probably already a part of Romania, to assist in rapid "Europeanization" of the joint Moldovan Republic.

It is clear that the inhabitants of Transnistria will not do, they have repeatedly proclaimed willingness to enter into the Russian Federation, as one of the areas and it would be a good step. The fact that the PMR "unrecognized" Republic should not be confused Moscow. They live our fellow citizens, victims of the collapse of the Russian Union who do not wish to "Westernization" and Our homeland is not entitled to "give" them as serfs, at the request of Chisinau, Bucharest or Brussels. If they have chosen the path of unity with Russia, they need to support it, rather than repel, and even more so to "give" to Chisinau Bucharest.


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