Mossad in Iran Terror under the linden flag?

Against the backdrop of rhetoric and hardens the growing tensions between Iran and the West (1), at the weekend south american magazine "Foreign Policy" published an article confirming the long-standing accusations by Iran that operating on its territory terrorist groups receive support from abroad in order to destabilize the country.

Fighting for independent Balochistan — a region, which is located in the south-eastern Iran, western Pakistan and southwest Afghanistan — a militant Islamist group "Jundallah" ("Soldiers of Allah") led in recent years to direct the attention of countless attacks. The most significant was the role of the suicide bombing that killed in October 2009, 42 people.

The explosion took place at a meeting hosted by the Revolutionary Guards leaders of Sunni and Shiite tribes, which was to take place campaigning for unity 2-religious communities.

"We consider the recent terrorist attacks result of American activity", — said the speaker of the Iranian parliament Ali Larijani after the attack. Moreover, the "well-informed sources" confirm that this terrorist act was involved, and England (2). The charges were brought in and the address of Pakistan, on the ground that "Jundallah" has its support base. Representatives of Iran declared "crushing response" to the attack, retaliation is likely and areas of Pakistan (3).

The threat apparently had its effect. In February 2010, Iranian authorities detained manager "Jundallah" Abdulmalik Riga — of course, with the help of Pakistani authorities. Brother arrested — Abdulhamid Riga — fell into the hands of Iran in 2008. While in custody, he admitted that since 2005, his brother had repeatedly met with CIA agents in Pakistan. At one of these meetings, he, allegedly, was personally (4). Abdulhamid was executed in 2010, the execution of his brother, Abdulmalik, followed a month later. Abdulmalik also admitted that "Jundallah" has been supported by the U.S.. "They promised to help us and were that will cooperate with us … We will stuff the munitions, bombs and machine guns" (5).

At the time, BBC BBC gave this recognition following comment: "It is impossible to determine whether Abdulmalik Riga gave this testimony voluntarily or forced it to them" (6).

Suspected of supporting terrorists "Jundallah" special services were made not only with the Iranian side. South American journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning owner Seymour Hersh, said in 2008 on the allocation of the South American Congress of 400 million dollars to support the anti-Iranian groups (7). According to the disk imaging acquired Hersh, "Jundallah" has become one of those groups that, under the motto "the enemy of my enemy — my friend" has gained financial and real support. Meanwhile realized intent "to provoke chaos and problems rather to force the Iranian government to make a mistake and give the brutal response" (8). Having given the Bush administration, such Makar, the reason for the war.

A year ago, ABC, BBC News said that the U.S. "supported and encouraged" "Jundallah." Officials, however, rejected the message of the TV channel 'direct funding' of the terrorist group, but admitted that the favorite "Jundallah" in constant contact with South American officials. (9)

The U.S. government constantly denies any role attributed to "Jundallah" terrorist attacks. Messages about the likely participation of South America, to show the explosion in October 2009, a spokesman Ian Kelly said the U.S. government has described as "totally wrong". (10)

Placed over the weekend article in "Foreign Policy" sheds new light on the incident alleged support from the U.S.. According to reports by the CIA, made up, as reported in the last presidential year George W. Bush and proven valid and six former members of the U.S. intelligence, the Mossad carried out the recruitment of activists "Jundallah." With all this outside the Israeli intelligence service operated under foreign flags: recruit Mossad agents posed as CIA officers and passports used by South American (11).

In this mossadovtsy not strain yourself disguise. Recruitment took place mostly in London, actually "under the nose of U.S. intelligence officers." Noteworthy and rudeness with which Israeli agents acting: "It's amazing, but the Israelis thought that they do get away with it", — quotes the report of the 1st of intelligence officials. "Attempts to recruit passed almost under the open sky. It looks like they totally did not affect what we think about all of this. "

How should this same report, the disclosure caused a double play in the Snow White House not a good strong reaction. "It's easy to understand why Bush got so incensed," — says one of the former members of the security forces. "In the end, it is hard to get in touch with the government of another country when it is convinced that we are killing their people."

In addition to the threat in the form of possible retaliation, terrorist methods "Jundallah" further hurt the already fragile relations between the U.S. and Pakistan, who is under increasing pressure exerted by Iran protests against Pashtun separatists.

Despite the discontent in the Snow White House, this case is still not led to any consequences. Only the inauguration of Barack Obama has brought with it the configuration.

In the first weeks of the term in office, President Obama strongly reduced joint undercover operation the U.S. and Israel against Iran, the report "Foreign Policy." Also in November 2010, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States situated "Jundallah" in the list of terrorist organizations. Lasts a Mossad liaison with the "Jundallah" and now, in the statement quoted security officers is unclear.

Nedavneshnee assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan on January 11 by car bomb once again gave rise to speculation that it has not Mossad was involved in a series of murders of nuclear scientists. Israeli Internet portal, because of their own close to the circles of the German secret service dubbed the publication of the "Handelsblatt", "website for spies" (12), presented in November 2009, which itself is not enough, several attempts on nuclear scientists in the account " Jundallah "(13). But conclusive evidence for reduced speculation so far not found, as well as for suspicion of Mossad assassination in a particular organization.

In connection with the attacks on Iranian scientists south american journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed to the existence of double standards in the public opinion of the country. Despite the fact that as a result of events civilians were killed and uncomplicated person, these acts rarely characterized as terrorist (14). The reason for his suggestion lies in the fact that the main suspects in the murders are the Israeli secret service, and of political judgment is not considered appropriate to stigmatize municipal services are closely ally of the United States as a terrorist.

In general, a U.S. intelligence circles grow doubt whether Israeli colleagues still considered its allies. According to the results of a September 2010 internal survey, the question of who is allied intelligence agencies behave more friendly, the CIA put Israel in the last place (15).

The now famous introduction Mossad agents forged documents CIA employees may further cloud the matter. Past Governor of the Central Command of the U.S
. Army, retired Gen. Joe Hoar, described the case as "the worst case that I have ever heard." "Of course, the operation under foreign flags are not new, but they are very dangerous. In practice, friendly attitude ally used in their own interests "(16).

The remaining anonymous senior member of the Israeli government has denied the allegations in the pages of the Israeli daily newspaper "Haaretts." Reports of Mossad agents operating under the guise of CIA employees are "absolute nonsense" (17).

In general, an attempt on Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in Dubai committed in January 2010, showed that the Mossad did not smuschyaetsya use in its own operations, fake passports Union countries (18).

Based on this experience, Israeli objections to look unconvincing. But it remains questionable motive and compromise a U.S. secret service Israeli allies own similar revelations. Maybe there is a desire to topple Iran's suspected of supporting terrorist groups in Israel? This seems unlikely in view of the obvious uselessness. Since it is often put forward after another terrorist attack Iran's accusations in the address U.S. will never reach the stage of formal notes of protest. Even more is possible that similar publications in the criteria of increasing the danger of war, Washington wants to deprive their abilities beyond the control of the Mossad actions under foreign flags and further heat up the situation in Iran and perhaps ignite the entire region.

"Israel is playing with fire. He draws us into their covert war, we wish we like it or not "- says Hoare (19). Certainly the growth of the resistance inside the U.S. intelligence apparatus unwitting role in other people's games. Also the first week followed by the sudden cancellation of the U.S. initiative, major joint military exercises (Austere Challenge 12), which became the Israeli military cool shower, can be interpreted in a similar way. Course of the conflict with Iran should not go into a phase of uncontrolled escalation, to which the doctrine may be able to bring the situation. Israel acts against Iran, of course, more and more than extend beyond the calculations of the Yankees.

Whatever the real motive of the disclosure of Mossad operations under a false naming the Iranian government probably gladly accept note that as evidence of the role of Israel in acts of terrorism against Iran in the future, it may refer to the reports of the CIA.


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