Multi-purpose attack helicopter PAH-2 Tiger

The helicopter PAH-2 Tiger developed by a consortium Eurocopter, which includes the German company MBB and the French Aerospatiale. According to the adopted in 1987 by the representatives of Germany and France, the agreement was being developed 2-variants of the combat helicopter — anti-tank, one for the two countries and received the title in Germany PAH-2, and in France — HAC, and helicopter escort and fire support for France, betrothed HAP. The first flight of the prototype standard helicopter PAH-2 was held April 27, 1991.

Feature of the combat helicopter PAH-2 are: the ability to do combat tasks around the clock and in adverse weather criteria, the highest maneuverability, combat survivability and maintainability, qualitatively new level of automation of aircraft systems and weapons, and extensive use of composite materials.

All embodiments helicopter PAH-2 based on a single base structure (fuselage, engines, hydraulic systems and electronic fuel, etc.) as the modular construction of special equipment. In the framework of basic design the layout of single-rotor helicopter with a control screw, 2 gas turbine engines and tricycle landing gear with a tail wheel.

Helicopter PAH-2 has a fuselage of aircraft type, made about 80% of the composite materials, not only reduces the weight of the helicopter structure, and contributes to lowering prices current cycle and labor intensive operation. In the front part of the fuselage are located in a "tandem" cockpit and the pilot-operator. Cabin the pilot in the front, and cabin pilot operator — behind and somewhat above. The main controls are duplicated and are located in both cockpits, so that if necessary, the pilot-operator can take control of the helicopter itself. Design fuselage and landing gear as a whole are made to meet the requirements for non-hazardous Damaging structures and systems. To ensure the safety of the crew in the event of an emergency landing on the lower part of the fuselage has a honeycomb panel holding ability absorb kinetic energy. This design provides non-hazardous for the crew landing with a vertical speed of up to 10.5 m / s. A significant part of the energy in the event of an emergency landing and take on the pilots' seats and chassis.

The helicopter PAH-2 has a wing span 4.5 m, the end parts of which are lowered. On the wing has four node suspension arms or additional fuel tanks. The power plant consists of a 2-turboshaft gas turbine engines with a capacity of 390 MTR at the highest take-off, 958 kW. any. The power plant is controlled by an electronic digital system, providing better performance engines for all modes. To reduce the visibility of the helicopter in the infrared spectrum of nozzle engines equipped with devices for mixing the exhaust gas with air. In the event of failure of the 1st of the engines continuation of the flight may be another motor vehicle output for the emergency mode. The total fuel capacity is 1360 liters. Fuel tanks are equipped with gas-explosion prevention consistency in nadtoplivnom space.

Helicopter PAH-2 is provided with four-bladed and three-bladed screws control. Propeller blades are made of composite materials. All variants are equipped helicopter reconnaissance and sighting equipment, navigation equipment and systems management tool to enable them to combat use of the old days and NIGHT MODE, under normal and adverse weather conditions. The structure of the aiming system includes: a television camera, infrared system night vision, laser range-pointer and helmet-mounted sights. Sighting and navigation information can be displayed on the helmet-mounted indicators on the windshield and color monitors for functional liquid crystals in the cabins of the crew.

Anti-tank weapons helicopters should consist of 8 ATGM "Hot-2" or 8 new ATGM "Trigat" and 4 missiles "Mistral" or "Stinger" air-to-air. Helicopter gunships support and arming integrated 30mm aerogun on turret, launchers, rockets caliber 68mm and 4 missiles "Mistral".

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