Museum in Monino. The beginning of the restoration of M-50 bomber

After the end of the huge step of restoration work on aircraft M-17, Monino restorery turned their attention to another plane of Myasishcheva. Task now is to put in order the bombers M-50. This experimental machine is in the museum with the October 30, 1968, and own the first flight she made Oct. 7, 1959. Total aircraft made 19 flights, including its own famous flight on parade in Tushino July 9, 1961.

The work began with a detailed visual inspection of aircraft. All photos were provided by razlyubezno restorers.

To the chagrin of inspection results have been disappointing. Time has not been kind to the airplane, its outer surface is damaged through corrosion, in some places the aircraft skin resembles a colander. Taking into account the size and complexity of the aircraft access, recovery is likely to take a lot of hard times.
More information about the work day on Nov. 10 can be read here.









As I've read, the plane was adopted in museum October 30, 1968 at the Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after VM Myasishcheva without systems and equipment. This aircraft was flying demonstrator, and for subsequent tests designed a more perfect machine M-52. But changing the attitudes of the political control of the country by military aircraft and closing pilotiroemuyu myasischevskogo KB, destined to these machines. M-50 was in the museum, and almost unfinished M-52 has been scrapped.

9. A number of species on the plane on a sunny day.


Museum in Monino.  Start of restoration bomber M-50


Museum in Monino.  Start of restoration bomber M-50

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