Museums in Moscow

Museums in MoscowMoscow — a unique city. Its uniqueness lies in a large area, the number of population, the combination of different religions and cultures. This city is known for famous people, countless sights, cultural events and the raging political activity. Then is there a huge abundance of fascinating and beautiful places. At least some, even the most demanding, a person can choose the place, he certainly would have liked, for example, visit the museums of Moscow, the number of which is very large.

You can visit museum submarine of the Russian Federation, which located close to the park "Northern Tushino." There is a submarine B-396, which is called "Novosibirsk Komsomol."

For those who love history and theater, by all means, enjoy the city museum The AA Bakhrushina. This is an unlimited number of items, which consist of sets of masters, drawings, portraits and photos, costumes of many generations of actors. Here You can not only behold the past life of the theater, but still encounter and chat with famous directors and actors.

Perhaps the most unusual — a museum of "Lights of Moscow". Here one can find a lot of fascinating disk imaging over Moscow street lighting projects and behold the latest electronic lights, oil lamps, ancient lighting stand. Here You can look at photos with views Moscow. For those who want a chance to play as the very real lamplighter or a dispatcher at the control panel lights.

Museum of Culinary Arts necessarily just the hearts of those who love to cook and those who are just curious about it art. In this museum you can behold the various dining rooms and a unique collection of devices and dinner sets, sets of cook's tools, a collection of menus from a cheap snack bars to upscale restaurants. Just look through the cookery book of past centuries and behold, for example, edible marzipan pictures: caramel, sugar and marzipan.

Suitable for modern people visiting the most of favorite and various exhibitions held in the center of contemporary art "Winery" and the cultural center "ARTStrelka." Here will you find works of contemporary architects, photographers, painters.

"Winery" constantly conducts various applets and festivals. In "ARTStrelka" the last day of each month, the new exposure.

"PROEKT_FABRIKA" — a very unusual modern art museum, located on the territory of a functioning factory of technical papers "October". This is the main feature of the gallery itself. It is a place for comfort in contemporary art.

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