My worldview. For whom would you vote

The article is not propaganda, the creator only vysska-
shows his personal outlook. Thus, the argument
for whom I voted.

Certainly, any of us wondered how a man should rule Russia. Who should we elect, that he answered all of our interests, would strengthen the country. Would improve lives, would raise welfare, would the prestige of the country, that were registered with us. To other countries the Russians from the sinking ship shot first, not after the Yankees and Germans. To the country did not consider the fifth colony, and people — savages.

Political scientists, for sure, I spit splattered over such analysis, but I'm willing to put my personal opinion, the vision of the question about the man who would, in my opinion, on this, I would have said the transition period, ruled Russia.

Presidential candidates are not so much in the main familiar faces and familiar party. I'll start with the usual analysis of naturally on the basis of its own relevant experience and available in an accessible form of disk imaging. The first will examine the Communists. Well, this I immediately discarded. More than 70 years had the opportunity to show their power in 1917. Slogans were excellent — Power to the people. But people in general does not solve anything. Land to the peasants — the law of the land does not provide for the property. Factories and factory workers. Something I have not met the workers who would have had the plant. Well, all of this is clear — the motto and the motto he stayed. Results of the Board — disappointing. I, of course, will make an objection, utter, the Communists raised the country out of the chaos, the war was won. But it themselves, and destroyed down to the ground, and then … Well more minuses than pluses. Certainly, the positive and not worth refuting, to take at least planning. This of course is not enough modern Russia. But there was a lot of hard heresy. Heretical. I remember how young people in front of us spoke Negro. Oh, sorry African American, and so to us, he painted faces and fears of bourgeois society that we all shed a few tears. The Communist Party of us have always said, that we are the happiest, and we believed. So, to sympathize with the poor stranger, even offered him to stay and live in our country, the common good and progress. Well, naively, in the simplicity of spiritual offered. How were we to know that it is three times better than we live. I will write it, because neither his name nor the name and country of residence even more so I do not remember. So here are from that proposal, he refused to fear. What really amazed us. What are states? Yes that communists constantly lied. Lied to their own people. Gave misleading information. People are trying to get down to business deported to places not so remote for speculation. The Communists called themselves the servants of the people. So here are these servants fared much better than those who were supposed to serve. Communist Party — their successor is trying to come to power again, so first let will distribute at least its rank and file party contributions that have gone missing in the collapse of the Soviet Union. I do not hunt anything that power. Mean, I never vote for the Communists. Oh, and for that, they do not have ruled for decades and expressed his attitude towards people. Hand does not rise to the ordinary people write, much less rednecks, hamsters, the electorate, etc.

With the Communists clearly.

Well, in the political arena appeared brand new, young, flamboyant star — Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov it. Former Chairman of the "just cause", the businessman and presidential candidate. Requests to make way for the young. Prokhorov said that can be a "temporary" president for a term of four years. During this period, a businessman wants to hold judicial, electoral and other reforms to modernize the political and economic system of society.

Russian businessman and manager, a billionaire president personal vkladyvatelnogo fund ONEXIM, president Biathlon Union of, a favorite of the political party "just cause." The private Prof. activities Mikhail Prokhorov engaged in international banking, money, investments in the natural resources sector. At the current time has directed its efforts in the sphere of innovations and high technologies. Since 2011, engaged in political activities. In June and September 2011, the Chairman of the "just cause". Of course, impressive when you consider the age. I personally reacted to the knowledge of his program there, especially liked about judicial reform. But here, I had a lot of questions, and what team they pochetaemogo Misha Dmitrievich? And what to expect from the same judicial reform? Who will be involved in this work? I'm talking about the development of the reform. No shock therapy will be there again? After all, we beheld a lot of raw laws. The law has been adopted and is already being used, and its commentary as yet to be no. Law enforcement practice has not worked. And it's broken, and the fate of the lost property. I also did not realize about the economic modernization of society. Somehow vague, or taxes will be less, in front of the new felts are added. All this leads to the idea of the new experiments with people. Perfectly natural that people Prokhorov secured means can earn. But will he be able to realize a grandmother who hands trembling with age, says every penny. And the lives of the pension before retirement trying to pay rising utility bills, saving for all that on food. Learns whether a person who makes money on the money. We all think globally, zapamyatyvaya on small, on their own people. Troubling, and what worked in banking. According to yourself know what the loan and mortgage. With 16 per cent of their annual, and this for happiness, and everything will count 21 percent, with liens, judgments and insurances. Well, I do not know what to expect from a banker. Yes, here's what made me think.

What is the main task of his campaign — to attract the votes of those voters who do not want the election to the post of Vladimir Putin. In other words, opposition voices. Specificity in the program is not enough. For him, too, I will not vote.

Subsequent candidate politician with great weight and real power. This, of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich. In July 1998, Vladimir Putin appointed director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, at once — in March 1999 — Secretary of the Russian Security Council. From August 1999 — Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. December 31, 1999, President Boris Yeltsin announced the resignation from the post of the president and of the purpose of Vladimir Putin as acting president of Russia. March 26, 2000 Putin was elected president of Russia. March 14, 2004 was elected president of the Russian Federation for the second time. In late 2007, Vladimir Putin announced his successor, Dmitry Medvedev. In the elections to the Municipal Duma of 2007, Putin headed the electoral list of the political party "United Russia", while remaining non-partisan. Chairman of the political party "United Russia" with the May 7, 2008. September 24, 2011 at the suggestion of the third president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev became the candidate of the "United Russia" in the presidential elections of 2012. As a person — energetic and says not a piec
e of paper. Certainly a lot of pluses. And the cons are, so many years at the helm, and I am his applets never beheld. Since the particles here and there published. Where a specific plan, thoughts on the future development of the country. The story of the "Kursk" general time for complete silence recalled. Again the same strong support of this world, and not the common folk. Towards fellow citizens, too, is not impressed. Many years have passed, and the visible results I personally do not see any natural as a wimp. Although during this period of time could do almost everything. The attempt was.

Another candidate Sergey Mironov previously reported that the only self-nominated in the list of candidates for the presidency, also a favorite of the party "Fair Our homeland" Sergei Mironov. Russian political activist and council, the deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation, in 2001-2011. Chairman of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Higher technical, economic, legal, philosophical education, and higher education in the field of municipal and urban governance. From 1994 to 2000 year was active in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg as a member and vice-chairman. In 2000, he was deputy manager of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, in the presidential elections of 2000 December 5, 2001 elected Chairman of the Federation Council. In this role, Sergei Mironov was engaged in political activities outside independent from the official policy of "United Russia". April 19, 2003 he was elected chairman of the "Party of Life." Party intended to participate in the parliamentary elections in December 2003. The main strategic ally in prostate cancer called the party "United Russia". In March 2004, he ran in the presidential elections of 2004, stating all of this that supports another candidate — the incumbent President Vladimir Putin. In the election of Mironov took the last place with 524,324 votes (0.75%). In 2006, Mironov has participated in the development and headed the political unification of the "Fair Russia", designed to be a rival of the "United Russia" in the framework of a possible two-party system in Russia. May 18, 2011 at the suggestion of the faction "United Russia" the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg was recalled from his post as representative of the Legislative Assembly of the Council of Federation of the town, having lost so makarom as chairman of the Federation Council.
In December 2011, for the continuation of VI Congress of the party "Fair Russia" was nominated Mironov for a role in the 2012 presidential election.

Personally, I believe that the "Fair Our homeland" — is a clone of the "United Russia," which is inconvenient and time trying to build itself from the opposition. Very convincing.

Subsequent candidate Zhirinovsky Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Russian politician, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma (since 2000), founder and chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Member of the four presidential elections in Russia in 1991-2008 years. As Zyuganov did not once tried to become president. Political activity Zhirinovsky has a very colorful and often causing outrageous populist statements. With the naming of Zhirinovsky was associated with a number of public scandals and fights (especially in 1994-1995.), Adding to his popularity in the middle of the electorate. Analysts often regard the vote for Zhirinovsky as a manifestation of the so-called protest vote. Well, maybe they're right. Only that's what I see. All expressions Zhirinovsky, who many called laughter. How, for example, the proposal to the governor, laughed, and after a while but quietly perceived. And these facts do not count. All of his tests in an unusual way justified. It was an accident or a deep knowledge of the essence of things. If you throw his extravagance, that hides behind this very strong analyst. And a strong personality. This man knows very narrow Asian nature and artifice. And in our home many Asian countries and it is manifested in every one. To manage this is not a lot of knowledge in Europe. Well, more specific proposals. After all, it was possible to give all candidates the opportunity to prove themselves, to show their own style. Give an independent authority or in any region and look where life is better, that have gained. Who are the best. No, that was not produced. In a country with a colorful carpet of the public in general difficult to understand, even harder not to offend anyone. Do not elevate one civilization over another, on the one hand and in the end not to humiliate the country rod Russian — Russian. The only one who puts forward such plans — it Zhirinovsky.

Here is the outlook.

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