NASA. Earth again threatened with destruction


In 2182, our planet may encounter with the asteroid. Earth faces a new threat from space. Even if in 2029 the planet will avoid a collision with the asteroid Apophis, it can cut other space wanderer — 1999 RQ36, which in 2182 will approach our planet at extremely close range, said a NASA.

"At the moment, most likely related to the potential threat of asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2182 and a year (when he comes closer to the Earth)," — said at the International Conference on the Protection of the dangers of asteroids near Earth objects program manager at NASA Lindley Johnson.

In 2018 the U.S. space agency intends to send to 1999 RQ36 probe, which should examine the shift of its orbit by heating one side of the Sun. Through this, it hopes astronomers will be able to determine exactly how dangerous asteroid to Earth.

Recall that in late January 2013 at a distance of 14.46 million km from Earth flying asteroid Apophis. Astronomers worried by the fact that in 2029 this facility closer to our planet at a distance of 36 thousand kilometers. In the event of a collision the 300-meter Apophis-Earth impact will be more severe. Scientists have calculated that the energy emitted during the explosion energy is equivalent to 506 megatons of TNT.

In mid-February to record a short distance from the Earth — 27.7 thousand km — flying asteroid 2012DA14. It is even smaller than the distance to geosynchronous satellites. On the same day in the Chelyabinsk region has fallen meteorite, which caused considerable damage: smashed glass over 7 thousand buildings have been affected and a half thousand people, mostly — from fragments of glass.

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