Natural disasters have a major impact on the childs mind

According to a study conducted by Dr. Annette La Greca, a professor of psychology and pediatrics at the University of Miami, experienced in childhood disasters have a far greater impact on the psyche than previously thought. Children after natural disasters often have to change school and residence, they part with friends, but also, all of a sudden realize that playing on the street — even if far from home — may not be quite safe.

For full psychological rehabilitation of such children is vitally important to identify the smallest signs of post-traumatic stress and depression, and eliminate them. Children showing signs of depression at 8 months after the experience, automatically fall into the high risk for long-term pathological reactions, and often they can not be completely cured and 15 months after the disaster.

According to the portal, participated in the study children who survived the hurricane "Andrew" (1992), "Charlie" (2004) and "Ike" (2008).

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