Natural disasters hit the earth

Natural disasters hit the earthA series of natural disasters struck today on the globe, news agencies reported.

A powerful storm brought snow and ice on the territory of more than 30 U.S. states. Due to bad weather here yesterday and today canceled more than 9 thousand flights. Breaks power lines caused by strong winds and icing cables, deprived of electricity over 100 thousand customers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. In dozens of U.S. cities in the central part of the country canceled classes in schools and other educational institutions, government agencies do not work and post office. In the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois and Wisconsin declared a state of emergency.

In Alaska today, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake. Underground shock registered Geophysical Survey of the United States. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 42 km from the town of Sand Point, located on Popov Island — one of the easternmost in the Aleutian chain. The town has about 900 people.

Forest fires swept Victoria in south-eastern Australia. In the power of the fire element was more than 10 thousand hectares of forest and farms. The fires have caused damage to power lines, leaving more than four thousand homes were left without electricity. Completely burnt down several residential buildings. At last report, were about 70 fires, the largest of which is located in the National Park Lane Cove.

In addition, close to the coast of Australia, a strong tropical cyclone "Yasi". Expect the brunt of the disaster will be in Queensland. Cyclone is already assigned to the fifth category of danger. Gust speed exceeds 280 km / h with a potential of up to 320 km / h. The waves of the Coral Sea are already reaching 11.5-meter height. The country is being evacuated from coastal areas. In this regard, most businesses are closed, and schools. Blocked the main highway. Local people refused to evacuate, it is recommended not to leave their homes, and turn off the gas, water and electricity. All emergency services staff transferred to the enhanced mode.

Japanese southern island of Kyushu began a new powerful eruption Sinmoe. Mountain peak height 1421 m for the sixth time from 26 January attack local villages hail of small stones and thick ash. The height of its column exceeded two thousand meters. Tremors have led to the fact that more than a hundred homes lost windows, damaged and district school. Wounded one person. With the threat of ejection of lava more than a thousand people have received an order to evacuate, some of them have already left the danger zone.

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