Naval Aviation: the change of old planes?

Russian Navy aircraft is in a critical condition. Particularly difficult situation arises in the Black Sea Fleet, which could lose much of their own planes and helicopters already in the coming 5-6 years. Asks a quick solution to the situation, the more that without modern air component will be worthless all deliveries of new ships within state programs from the arms to the years 2011-20.

Plans for the supply of the latest technology for naval aviation of the Russian Federation remain unknown. At least, the public messages, and even more official statements, in what would be called the number and characteristics of the procurement of aircraft for the Navy until the sound, with the exception of the procurement notice 26 MiG-29 for carrier-based naval aviation.

From unofficial reports and articles professionals understand the modernization of anti-IL-38 and Tu-142, also that in the purchase of 1,000 new helicopters for the armed forces in the years 2011-20 will be procured and marine vehicles.

The Navy in the last 20 years has gone through a very tough cuts, and naval aviation these cuts have touched almost over. Thus, the de facto existence of finished carrying Marine aviation, repeatedly reduced the number of anti-aircraft combat ready, acute difficulties emerged with the carrier aircraft — both with air wings sole Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", and with the helicopter deck, based on the cruisers, large anti-submarine ships, patrol. Against this background, the position of the Black Sea Fleet was particularly deplorable.

This situation is explained by the fact that of all the fleets of the Soviet Navy's Black Sea Fleet was the only one who does not have time to re-equip ships and aircraft equipment of the latest generation in the 80s, before the collapse of the Union of Russian. In the end, on the Black Sea Fleet air forces remained seaplanes Be-12, which at other Fleet has long been retired. Age is quite fleet of helicopters and the Black Sea Fleet, presented Ka-27 and Mi-14. In general, these are the basic models of helicopters for the Russian Navy as a whole.

Change helicopters Our homeland can. The country annually produces up to hundreds of vehicles for export and for their own needs, and given more than impressive plans to purchase new helicopters in the state programs from weapons not expect that sea aviation get their share.

More severe is the issue of substitution of anti-aircraft. Our home at the moment has less than 40 cars a distant acts — including approximately 26-28 IL-38 and 15 Tu-142 aircraft in the Pacific and Northern fleets.

In the Baltic Fleet is no general anti-aircraft, and on the Black Sea, as has been said — just 4 old Be-12.

In recent years, land-based anti-aircraft really changed. In most advanced countries, with the development of avionics, they are in the process of modernization began to be transformed into multi-purpose maritime patrol car. A striking example is the upgraded P-3 Orion U.S. Navy, peers and classmates Russian Il-38.

In the process of evolution over the past 30 years, "Orion" learned to storm the surface ships with anti-ship missiles, to work as a distant plane airborne warning and control, patrol the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters, leading the search for smugglers and poachers.

A similar plan to upgrade and Russian anti machines. But for the full range of tasks that confronts her Russian the world's longest sea border, coupled with a steady melting of the polar ice caps, 40 aircraft apparently not enough — for example, the U.S. has 130 vehicles in its class. With all this given number of experts at many South American also consider missing.

Compete with the United States to catch up with their largest sea Aviation Our homeland can not, but the ability to significantly enhance sea Aviation purchases of new cars have.

First is the question of seaplane A-42, which created based developed in the 80s of the last century A-40 "Albatross". These machines are able to land on water, in addition to all other tasks maritime patrol aircraft, can be used in rescue operations.

The plans for the purchase of the A-42 Defense Ministry has announced. Namely, in 2008, reported the intention to buy a 2010 four such aircraft in search and rescue variant, and then move on to the procurement and multi-purpose vehicles, capable of carrying weapons. But while these plans are not implemented. According to the views of the ex-commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces Navy Lieutenant-General Valery Uvarov, the Russian Navy would be enough 15-20 new seaplanes in order to cover the need for search and rescue vehicles, and significantly enhance the anti-aircraft fleet. Read the complete substitution of the old car on the A-42 is unlikely to be — given the state of the Taganrog plant where these machines are also the smallest in size of Be-200 bought by MOE, execution of the order at least 40 of these machines can take up to 20 years .

Another embodiment, which has permitted a complete change of aircraft fleet of old times the applicable time frames is purchase Tu-204P. This machine, made on the basis of TU-204, on the ideology of approximately corresponds to the new South American patrol aircraft P-8 Poseidon, made on the basis of B-737 airliner.

Deploying the mass production of similar vehicles on order of the Navy — a real task than putting in a large series of the A-42, and also the rest, it will allow to support the creation of Tu-204, which is now virtually no commercial orders. Create 50-60 of these machines for 10 years, coupled with a small series of A-42, aimed, first, at the rescue tasks, would generally take the edge off the problem and lay the foundation for future development of naval aviation.

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