Navy Day

Navy DayWithout the Navy can not imagine our country for the past three centuries. Even Peter I decided that Russia should have access to the sea — and she got it. After Peter Russian sailors founded the beautiful city of Sevastopol on the Black Sea coast. It is there now stir joint Russian-Ukrainian fleet. Today, sailors special holiday, after many years on the last Sunday, the hottest months of summer — July, marks the Day of the Navy. Perhaps this is one of my favorite holidays for sailors, but on this day they just have to look perfect and do all the commands.

The city is also some excitement prevails, because the weather did not disappoint in Sevastopol, in addition, Navy Day coincided with the Russians and the Ukrainians. Sunny, the horizon stretches the Black Sea, but the sailors do not have time to look at the beauty of seascape. Today, they have prepared a special mission: to go to sea and neutralize the two mines. Despite the heat guys perform all orders promptly and accurately.

Also cook (chef of the sea) has decided to please the team and now a bit of variety menu, there's a holiday! However, the sailors will be able to go home tomorrow, to disperse, and Sunday they will have to spend on the ship, which is soon to become their second home. By the way, this team goes out to sea on a trawler, of course, the model of the ship has been repeatedly refined and changed, but with the arms of the vessel of this class is not going to shoot anybody.

It is worth noting that the day marked not only the Navy in Sevastopol, and in the Baltic Sea, and even in Vladivostok. Everywhere in our country are the forces of the Navy, the festival was for the military.

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