Navy SEALs U.S. Army

Today, according to the views of many military observers, "seals" of the U.S. are the most prepared and equipment unit in the world, on par with the elite of the United States' Delta », FORECON, MARSOC. Well, let's see how they are on the teachings of friction and behave in specific combat.

1. Students of fur seals during the visit of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden at the Naval Base Coronado amphibious forces. (Denis Poroy / AP Photo)

2. Navy SEALs on his knees in the ocean during class. (Gary Kieffer / Zuma Press)

3. Navy SEALs are in the cool waters of the ocean in time exercise at a base in Coronado, California. (Joe McNally / Getty Images)

4. Students are test to withstand low temperatures. (Gary Kieffer / Zuma Press)

5. Endurance tests on the beach in Lake Worth, Florida. (The Palm Beach Poast / Zuma Press)

6. Scamper.

7. Future Navy SEALs from the class of 259 crawl to the edge of the water under the cliques instructors. (Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle / Corbis)

8. In most trials the main thing — unity. (Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle / Corbis)

9. Landing on Preserving the fur seals — part of the exercise in a remote center for training. (US Navy via Getty Images)

10. Seals work out breathing exercises in the pool at the base. Do cadets bound hand and foot, and how they manage to escape, will be able to get out to the surface. (Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle / Corbis)

11. One of the easiest exercises — tightening. (Joe McNally / Getty Images)

12. Cadets during tests on effect of tear gas at the base in Coronado. (Joe McNally / Getty Images)

13. Students to test the water with his hands and feet. (Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle / Corbis)

14. "Pussy"In camouflage with a sniper rifle with a range of 2,743 meters (Jim Sugar / Corbis)

15. Navy SEALs during a test of physical stress in the criteria of environment and test equipment and hearing a variety of criteria, in Kodiak, Alaska. (US Navy via Getty Images)

16. Students are pushed into the water before the test. (Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle / Corbis)

17. Sea pussy looks at the movements of militants from the roof of the observation tower in Ramadi, Anbar Province, Iraq, Jan. 21, 2007. (John Moore / Getty Images)

18. South American fur seals on the beach in Monrovia, Liberia, August 18, 2003. Local residents are very taken aback when to peacekeepers joined about 15 sea lions. (Schalk van Zuydam / AP Photo)

19. A member of the squad sea lions covers comrades during the approach to the proposed location of the militant al-Qaeda and the Taliban. (Tim Turner, US Navy / Corbis)

20. 29 October 2002: on board the destroyer "Oscar Austin" seals planted on the fantail during a training exercise. Training given off when three fur seals have neutralized the pirates who captured Captain Richard Phillips off the coast of Somalia, April 12, 2009. Pirates then took off one shot each. (US Navy / AP Photo)

21. Navy SEALs inspect ammunition depot in one of more than 70 caves found in the area Zavar Keeley east of Afghanistan, Jan. 14, 2002. (US Navy / AP Photo)

22. Navy SEALs are inflatable boats in time the visit of Vice President Joseph Biden at a base in Coronado, California. (Denis Poroy / AP Photo)

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