Nekljaev: Tell the Truth campaign was not created for the sake of the Nobel Prize

A member of the pro-regime Union of Writers of Belarus Valery Grishkovets accused the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva. According to Grishkovtsa, the campaign "Tell the truth!" Nekljaev created to stand out in the Nobel Prize winners. And not involved in politics in order to speak the truth and to get the most famous in the world award.

In an interview with "ERB" Nekljaev said he believes the charges Grishkovtsa usual attempt to discredit his public activity.

Nekljaev: "This is quite a clever attempt to discredit it. Like, look: this Nekljaev nothing new in this world is not invented, has its own national interests, and he moves them, no matter what. Even concocted a nationwide campaign to deceive all the writers and all people, saying that he is for the truth, he wants lead the country into a kind of new space, and actually just want to get on in the "nobeli." Who is he? Dog he thereafter. This is what, in fact, it stands for. I do not even want to talk about it seriously. "

All these messages are not called Nekljaev over fantasies and assured that no provocations will not force him to stop his political and social activities.

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