NEW APL «Borey-A» will be armed with 16, not 20 «Bulava»


Improved design of new strategic nuclear submarines (NPS) 955A («Borey-A») does not imply an increase ballistic missile «Bulava» on board, 16 of them remains, said a senior official to RIA Novosti military-industrial complex (MIC) of.
Previously, virtually all Russian and foreign media reported that the new Russian submarine project 955A, unlike Project 955 will be armed with 20 missiles «Bulava».
«Project 955A differs from a traditional» Boreas » (Project 955), but not in the number of missiles on board — 16 of them left. Accordingly, the displacement remains the same boat, «- said the representative of the military-industrial complex.
At the same time, he singled out the project 955A, of course, has huge differences. «Namely, the boats of this project have lower levels of physical fields, respectively secretive, more modern means of communication, detection. They improved the habitability of crew survivability, «- said the representative of the military-industrial complex.
In the current time in the shipyard «Sevmash» Severodvinsk is building the first «Boreas» Project 955A «Prince Vladimir». Total should be built eight submarines of projects 955 and 955A.
Projects 955 and 955A are designed to CDB Marine Engineering «Rubin» (St. Petersburg). Head and has entered service (in 2012) is a submarine «Yury Dolgoruky».
With a length of about 170 meters, width — 13.5 meters and a full displacement 24 thousand tons, the cruiser has an onboard 16 silos for missile «Bulava-30».

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