Nibiru. All the secrets of open

Video of the relationship which involved policy with, Nibiru, climate change and the Roswell UFO crash.

In Russia, an air-raid alarm after a mysterious sandstorm in Germany

At one of the special meetings on the "proiskhodimyh disasters", which was attended by the Prime Minister and of Russia Vladimir Putin, it was announced that our planet Earth is attacked by unidentified objects, asteroids orbiting the planet.

Defense system was quickly brought into action to protect against space objects.

According to the statement made at the meeting, because of the strange activity of gamma-rays, literally bombard the earth.

This is recorded for the first time NASA on March 29 and lasted for 11-12 days. Radiation comes from the asteroid 2012 SO16, the largest objects ever to approach the earth.

Moreover, the asteroid has a horseshoe orbit.

In November, a similar case was reported to the asteroid 2005 YU55.

Russian scientists have failed to establish a connection between them.

Also during the planet's closest contact with these asteroids were reported blue flash in the sky (the mysterious project BLUE BEAM?) In Russia, New Zealand and the space station.

This is the blue ray crater on northern Germany, causing a sandstorm, which killed eight people and injured 40 others.

At the same time the ground above two approaching asteroid. The result is that our planet has greatly increased the number of winds and their strength.

This was confirmed by the vice-chairman of the University Svinburnskogo Ian Young, who said that it was the strongest such storm in 20 years.

Jumps gusts as high as 10%.

At the same time, there were reports that the ozone layer was damaged in several places. That most likely originated from the effects of blue light.
Damage to the ozone layer and the magnetic field was later confirmed by the media.

For the period from the end of March for winter ozone loss amounted to 40%

You can also come to the conclusion that it is these two asteroids are responsible for the effect of "two suns", sometimes seen in the sky.
Such as in China, where an episode filmed was shown on national television.

It seems that there is a serious threat to the earth coming from these asteroids every spring.
Such as flash zaviksirovanaya NASA on April 6. Just as NASA declared that, for reasons not fully understood them, spring is the season fireballs.

But who or what is responsible for these attacks? Here is an official document, declassified FBI, which states that the alien ship actually crashed in Roswell, USA.

Three flying saucers were indeed found in New Mexico in 1947. They were three-toed chelovekopodbnye being the height in meters with a small, metal-clad clothing strange texture, similar to the ones used by our pilots and pilots ipytateli.

What to declassify the document, it was announced on state television said that the government has spent millions to hide this information.

Also in the recent rise Specialized wishing to build a bomb shelter.

Many people worry about the prophecies of 2012, in which there is a change of epochs.

Russia has released information about the managed comet heading toward Earth.

In this regard, in Moscow (or rather under it) was initiated construction of 5,000 additional shelters.

Of course, the refuge is building a so-called "elite".

In the prophecy says that in 2012, on the ground yavyatsya "dark" gods who will fight for control of the land.

Day after day the most famous world newspapers put more frightening headlines on their pages as we can see themselves.

Well, it seems our world blindly goes to the end of this era …

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