Nicaraguas army prepares to meet new hurricane

Nicaraguan authorities expect in the next few hours of arrival into the country of the new hurricane, due to which military units are on high alert to assist the victims.

As the press-secretary of the country's armed forces Juan Ramon Morales, only about 1.5 thousand people located in different places on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, where the expected impact of elements, to help people, if need be.

The rest of the army, as well as civil defense forces, also put on high alert in order to take part in rescue operations.

On the other hand, at the moment there is a decrease of activity of reduced pressure zone, which is located in the Caribbean Sea in front of the coast of Nicaragua, and experts suggest that a tropical cyclone, it may or may not develop. The probability of such an outcome is estimated at 50%. However, the Nicaraguan government after more than a week of continuing rains, which brought many lives, not only in Nicaragua but also in neighboring countries, have decided not to take risks and to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Saturday evening at the international airport in Managua were delivered 16 tons of humanitarian aid from Venezuela. Total government of Hugo Chavez has sent 50 tons of aid for victims of natural disasters in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

The latest data from the tropical rains, continuing for more than a week in Nicaragua, 16 people died, 18 were injured, another 150,000 people were injured, many villages were flooded or washed away by water currents. Destroyed a total of about one thousand kilometers of roads.

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