Night clouds and glowing UFO

In 1885, almost at the same time the German Kissingine Bakgauzom (June 8), Prague Caress (June 10) and Moscow astronomer Tseraskii (June 12) was discovered one of the most interesting natural phenomena. At first it was called "night shining clouds." Subsequently, the German scientist Jesse gave him a poetic name — "Behold ribbed cloud".

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This phenomenon has been studied and studied for 125 years. The special attention of researchers attracted unusual height of clouds above the surface of the Earth (80 — 85 km). This is the region of maximum absorption of the radio wave and long-wave medium wave range, powerful auroras temperature inversion.

Initially studied noctilucent clouds from the ground, and then with the aircraft by means of geophysical rockets, and with the beginning of the space age have the opportunity to look at them and "an end." And for a long time, scientists could not answer the question at such altitudes where the moisture is taken, without which the appearance of the clouds is impossible?

There was a theory about the origin of the earth it (the evaporation of the seas and oceans in the equatorial latitudes). The Americans advanced the theory of the origin of steam in the oxidation of methane in the Earth's mesosphere. But both of them when testing proved, alas, unfounded.

Where is the UFO?

Hold on a minute, and you'll understand … The answer came only today with the opening of the 1986 mini-comets, serving as a source of moisture. It was found that in the inner regions of the solar system, there are billions of mini-comets consist of snow cores coated with the cosmic dust cloud that extends beyond Pluto. Around the Sun, they move at speeds of about 45 kilometers per second. Much has been confirmed here in 1996 — 1997 years of U.S. satellite "Polaris".

The clouds are formed from water comets and cosmic dust at a certain low temperature. Something like that you can see on the ground when flying jet aircraft, followed by high humidity and low temperature occurs long cloud footprint. On this track, by the way, you can pretty accurately judge the relative humidity.

Let's go back to the UFO. Last message from China is pretty typical. In this case, the UFO is a small silver clouds, formed at the entrance of snow cores mini-comets in Earth's upper atmosphere. Similarly, due to the recent and many well-known events and observations in South Africa and Costa Rica.

This is not a monotonous spectacle. Let us remember the official news service of the armed forces of Australia, print run around the world at the end of December last year. Early warning radar aircraft frigate "Newcastle" during a routine patrol recorded an unusual flying object: 8 small dots pulled over to fight large luminous spot.

When attempting communication with the object at different frequencies in response was only the "good jingle bells." Royal Australian Air Force Commander Admiral Shackleton announced that it was "definitely a Santa Claus, holding its way to Australia." Meanwhile, it is also noctilucent clouds, which sometimes take the most bizarre shapes.

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