Nineteen flights delayed at Moscows Sheremetyevo airport

 Nineteen flights delayed at Moscow's international airport "Sheremetyevo" on the night of Sunday to Monday, according to an online scoreboard on the airport site.

On Sunday night, according to the airport in the "Sheremetyevo" delayed 30 flights.

In Moscow on Sunday night for a few hours it was snowing, the amount of snow, according to the weather center "Phobos", was about six inches. Then it started to rain in the capital, which does not end until now. MOE announced in the capital and its suburbs storm warning due to snowfall and gusty winds.

Earlier, the press service of the St. Petersburg airport "Pulkovo" reported that snowfall in Moscow affected flights between St. Petersburg and the capital. Delayed arrival to St. Petersburg from Moscow three flights, two were canceled. Two sides of the St. Petersburg could not fly to the capital and two more in this direction have been canceled.

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