No business, as people have no money

Why in the small towns and villages of the few willing to do business?

On this issue meet passers Zhabinka.

Man: "It seems to me, fear of taxes. But it all depends on the person. Who wants to, he is developing. "

Woman: "In our city, it is very difficult to trade. People just do not have the money. Must itself go for the goods. In addition, many ganlyue illegally. Do not pay taxes at the same time. Under the law can not hire employees. "

Woman: "I used to be a few trade stands. But now it turns out that I am raising a child alone. Hire a job can not by law. Legislation therefore does not allow to do business."

Woman: "Who is to engage in business is extremely difficult. People do not have money for something, anything to buy. No. and opportunities to invest. Previously, it was a lot easier. Lot of traveling abroad, for example in Poland, and then were entrepreneurs, business was conducted. The standard of living can not work here. often said that rising wages, but they grow only in Minsk, or in regional cities. We are the same as some time ago. "

Woman: "We lots of people moving to Ukraine, where everything is cheaper. Therefore, we can say that the illegal business deals with many. "

Man: "Entrepreneurs need to cross borders, customs, remember the terms. A relationship to the owners also want the best. Remember, as the Head of State said that patsisne hand last owner. But not shake. Who has to pay taxes? Therefore, such a relationship, and each such liability suits. '



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