Norway and Switzerland protect environmental refugees

People who are forced to leave their country because of natural disasters, are in a social vacuum, as they in full can not be assigned any refugee or migrant status. To address this issue, the two European countries have adopted a special program to help such groups.

Norway and Switzerland protect "environmental refugees"

Support of this kind is sure to find a destination for only the previous year of floods, storms, earthquakes, droughts and other disasters his native town were forced to leave 15 million people. In 2010, the number of "environmental" refugees was 42 million
Of course, many people find salvation in their own country, many are returning home very quickly or over time. But those who are forced to cross the borders of other countries, to escape from a natural disaster, falls into an ambiguous position. Country where he seeks asylum, sometimes difficult to help, without breaking the law. Not clear and the dimensions of the help that is obliged to render the host country. The victim has no guarantee that it will receive at least minimum care, and will not be sent back to a dangerous place.
World history knows many examples of (Kenya and Somalia), when either by diplomacy or through international organizations, affected people are not able to get adequate support in the neighboring state. But it also happens that the state can not protect its citizens from the influx of refugees.
Norway and Switzerland plan to Geneva-based UN compound, starting from November 1, start developing a detailed document that would provide answers to all questions related to "environmental refugee". The first regional meeting to be held in Central Africa, the South Pacific and in the Somali Peninsula, that is, where natural disasters are frequent visitors in recent years.

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