Not Solve the mystery of the Chinese pyramids

One Chinese legend has it that all the pyramids, built in the world, talking about the appearance of aliens from other worlds. At the beginning of the 20th century, two merchants from Australia visited the central part of China, where we saw more than a hundred pyramids. Intrigued, they turned to the next abbot of the monastery, which revealed that these pyramids for more than 5,000 years old, but just to say he can not.

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Pyramids exist with the epoch of the emperors, who firmly believe in the civilization of other worlds. In addition, the emperors considered themselves the "sons of heaven, who had descended to Earth on steel dragons, uttering at this terrible roar." And the aliens and were the builders of the pyramids.

A wonderful thing happened with Austrian Hartwig Hausdorf. Traveling to China in 1994, he found six mysterious pyramids. He could not leave them unattended, so later came back to China, taking with him the camcorder. He directed a short film. Upon returning home, going through the materials, he was surprised to find that his film filmed in the background over a hundred pyramids, which cover an area of over two thousand square kilometers.

He made every effort to obtain permission to study the pyramids, but the Chinese government has not given it. All what we have learned — it is only the external beauty of these buildings. The pyramids are built of different heights from 25 to 100 meters. They are located on the plains of Sichuan. But special attention is drawn to the pyramid, which is called the Great White Pyramid, the height of which is approximately 300 meters. This is the mother of the Chinese pyramids.

But, unfortunately, the Chinese government has imposed a ban on any further research in this area, declaring it closed. The reason is not far from the pyramids is specialized platform to launch missiles that the satellite is in orbit.

I hope someday we do know the origin of these old buildings,'ll reveal their secrets.

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