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Instruments recorded anomalous thermal radiation from psychics

From the hard-working people, "x-ray" is heating up in the literal sense of the word.

Last weekend, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" held at the Central House of Scientists in Moscow, the first congress of the people in the world-the "x", where only ones from across the country and abroad have demonstrated their ability to see internal organs. Yesterday, the editor received the first results of experiments conducted by researchers at the time of the people-the "x". They are particularly striking.

The delegates had to "educate" patients. Not all the while making passes hands — at least as common people imagine the work of psychics. Some just sat a little way off, his eyes closed and apparently tried to recreate the image of the internal organs directly to the brain. Here's a moment captured and Center for Biomedical electronics specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They took pictures in the heat rays with its latest device — the so-called computer-thermograph "IRTIS." Device detects thermal radiation from the body and displays an image painted in different colors. Light correspond hotter portions of the inspected object, dark — in which heated worse.

What can be seen? Patients are blue. They seemed to have grown cold piercing look at the people-the "x". Psychics simply "shine", especially the heads, which are downright lights are lit in the darkness.

— First, strongly increased thermal radiation indicates a very active circulation, — one of the creators of the device Mikhail Shcherbakov. — And, secondly, the hard work of the brain. Deeper still too early to draw conclusions. But the fact that people-"X-rays" are distinguished from the others, can be seen, pardon the pun, to the naked eye.

Experts of the center is not the first time, by the way, explore the supernatural power of the people. A couple of years ago they were doing portraits of heat yogis. Directly in India showed those "simple" trick — showered on their own in just a minute.

— In the thermograms could clearly see what was happening, — says Mikhail. — Do yoga starts to fall temperature of the thyroid gland, and the forehead, on the contrary, is warming up. Glowing, radiating heat. But not all — the brightest star of the spot appears right between the eyes. Then falling asleep yogi falls on its side …

It is possible that Russian specialists have managed to capture the work of the very mysterious "third eye", which believe in the existence of all anomalschiki.

— The Indians did not let us continue research — says the scientist. — As soon as saw the "pictures" with the star on her forehead, then immediately confiscated them.

Funny, but the existence of a "third eye" some researchers explain many supernatural powers, including the ability to see through. But then it must be recognized that people-the "x" is not a "third eye", as he is usually present themselves — small and forehead. If it is, then the whole head.

Vladimir Lagowski July 14, 2004

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