Numerous violations of the elections to the Municipal Duma of Russian Federation

Numerous violations of the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation

In the Sunday, December 4, in Russia held elections to the State Duma of the sixth convocation. In addition, in 27 regions of the elections are held in local parliaments. Total in the country — about 2800 local elections and referendums. Elections are held from 8 to 20 hours and take their role may be more than 108 million people who own the right to vote.

Recall that the situation in the election watch 688 observers from 6 different international organizations. On the Russian side the same number of observers was about 500 thousand people, representatives of political parties and organizations.

In the morning, according to journalists produced a member of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Tatyana Raven, elections were held in the prescribed manner, any complaints from international observers have been reported. But at 15.00 in the electoral committee was recorded 68 appeals, in what was reported numerous irregularities and fraud at the polls. 45 of them came from the representatives of political parties, 17 — from the voters, the other members of the electoral commissions.

Has become involved in the global network. The websites of each of the parties actually participants of the elections there was a large number of reports of various irregularities and fraud on the part of opponents. Several Web sites were attacked, resulting in uneven video in their work. According to the bloggers in a social network "Facebook" fixed mass mailing of debris with a call to your own voice for United Russia. The web site ktonarushil ru, the bulk of users supported by the "United Russia", to 15.00 followed by a list of violations looked as: Communist Party — 640 violations Fair of — 418, LDPR — 255, Apple — 38, the right thing — 21, Patriots RF — 13.

There were also videos showing bad faith on the part of representatives of movements and parties, election participants. So on YouTube, for example, has been laid out roller Agency "East Media", which is shown as premature elections were held in the Amur region, on the Evenk settlement. In the picture you can see how one of the grandmothers, hesitated with stuffing ballot to the aid of a young man which rapidly puts a mark against Fri "United Russia", then it is itself down the ballot into the ballot box.

The website of the Communist Party, the party that provided the hugest number of observers, in general reincarnated as a news feed violations. Their favorite, Gennady Zyuganov, voting at station number 149, in discussions with journalists mentioned the most important of them. He said that in Krasnobakovsky area, virtually all polling stations are posters which depict the ballots ticking opposite dedicated a large font name "Medvedev". Another noted that the section number in Moscow in 1040, 1321 in Rostov-on-Don, and a huge number of other observers have recorded cases of mass Communist Party in the stuffing boxes of counterfeit ballots. This is a far from complete list provided by the representatives of the Communist Party.

On the contrary, according to the "United Russia", specifically Fair Our homeland and the Communist Party took "respectable" first place in the number of violations. On their website it was reported that in the town of Sibai watching from the Communist Party came to a polling station in a state of extreme intoxication. It is reported about the numerous attempts to campaign on sites distributing leaflets and opposition party newspapers.

There is information about the Liberal Democratic Party, according to unconfirmed reports, the activists of the party in the Closed "Light" beat a local woman Tatiana RATCHET, allegedly for the fact that she wrote her objections to the campaign posters.

Recorded cases of mass carousels. Representatives of the "Yabloko" party said about 33 cases of mass bring people with absentee documents. On a plot of 2249 in Moscow because of reports of a bomb threat at the time, had to stop selective process and bring people to the street.

There are reports about the arrests took place: in St. Petersburg, was taken to the plot curator of "Voices" Katya Alexeeva, was also detained Sergei Udaltsov, the coordinator of the "Left Front".

This, of course, far from complete list of violations laid disk imaging. Faster — an attempt to illuminate the big picture passing election. As previously reported, the official evidence received only a small number of violations that have been posted by observers from political parties. The situation with the elections will clear up after the publication of the Central Election Commission of Russian Federation preliminary voting results. It is expected to occur on December 5 at about 10:00. In the meantime, read about the results of early, but clearly that is not looking for an unlimited number of observers, no violations have been done.

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