OAO Yaroslavl Radio modernizing production

Oct. 12 opening ceremony of the production facilities of JSC "Yaroslavl Radio" after reconstruction in the framework of the investment project to modernize production facilities and technologies.

For these purposes in the period from 2012 to 2017, the company, part of the concern "RTI Systems", will spend more than 1.8 billion rubles.

Work on the establishment of new facilities was conducted for two years. Only assembly-plant construction cost in the tens of millions of rubles. Completely replaced outdated equipment to maintain specialized microclimate, purchased new installation and adjustment tables, measuring instruments and other equipment.

The renovated shop microelectronics, corresponding to the highest international standards, will be collected, both traditional and new products for the Yaroslavl Radio Plant, including space applications.

Today OAO "Yaroslavl Radio" works with leading scientific research institute of the country by radio. Only permanent partners in the development in YARZ — 14, government customers — more than 20 cooperative customers — more than 100, and 140 direct consumers. Companies are showing interest in not only Russian, but also potential foreign investors.

OAO "Yaroslavl Radio" ("YARZ") — Russian manufacturer of professional radio communications. Is a part of the Concern "RTI Systems". The plant is one of the leading Russian avionics complex and has 60 years experience in the manufacture of professional radio communications equipment to the Land Mobile Radio communications equipment and navigation to the spacecraft, including working the satellite system "GLONASS".

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