Of CMH introduced new equipment into production

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva "(JSC CMH) as part of the technical upgrading and development of the company has introduced a new manufacturing process equipment? vacuum system SYRUSpro1110 firm Leybold Optics (Germany).

"Installation has provided an opportunity to expand the range and quality of optical coatings, as well as to reduce the time of their introduction. The space inside the work chamber setup allows the application of the coating on large parts, as well as increasing the number of optical elements deposited in a single process. The possibilities of optical control of thickness deposited layers can be applied more complex optical characteristics of the coating, which makes it possible to obtain details of the unique optical parameters.
Automated process control system provides high repeatability of the coating of parts, reduces the number of test processes for the development of the technology and the timing of its introduction into production.  During 2013 it is planned to purchase and install an optical shop a few items of new equipment that will improve the quality of the company's products "? said CEO of CMH AP Tarasov.

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva "(OAO ASM)? one of the leading Russian companies in the optical and opto-electronic instrument. Of the CMH is a holding company "Schwabe", uniting key enterprises optoelectronic industry in Russia.

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