Of CMH (Moscow region). Modernizes machine assembly department

Public corporation "Krasnogorsk plant them. SA Zvereva " OJSC (KMZ) — The leading Russian company in the field of optical and opto-electronic instrument, a well-known both at home and abroad with its products with the trademark "Zenit".

As part of the modernization of the mechanical assembly plant opened a new section of the assembly machinery products, covering an area of 890 sq.m. When major repairs section were applied new technology to meet modern requirements for the premises in which the optical components are assembled.

The new site is equipped with innovative equipment and is designed to increase product assembly special equipment. It includes three processing stages: cleaning optics, washing small parts, as well as a laboratory for filling various optical components with adhesives and sealants.

In the collimator Hall machine assembly department were purchased 3 units of the new equipment is also planned tendering and procurement of 6 more units of the new equipment.

At this point in the modernization of the mechanical assembly plant under renovation finish area product assembly machinery, which is also aimed at increasing the volume of production.

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