Oil production will increase at the expense of Venezuela

5 to 11 million tons of oil annually calculated jointly produce Belarusian and Venezuelan oil within 10 years. The statement was made in the government program "Strategy of development of the energy potential of Belarus," Interfax reported.

It is planned to develop joint oilfield block Junin-1 in the Orinoco River basin. According to the optimistic scenario in three years oil production from these fields will reach 2 million tons per year, and by 2020 will exceed 11 million tons, with this amount of oil will last until 2027. Meanwhile there is a pessimistic forecast production, experts warn. In his greatest volume ejected from the bowels of the Venezuelan oil will be 7,000,000 tons.

The joint venture, which will produce and sell oil at Junin-1, the Belarusian side owns 40%. Its oil is produced in Belarus since the 1960's, about 2 million tons per year. In recent years production decreased to 1.7 million tons. Belarus for domestic needs must be more than 6 million tons, which are mostly bought in Russia.

In May 2010 in Belarus through the port of Odessa received the first batch of Venezuelan oil volume of about 80,000 tons, are now studied lyagistychnyya way of delivery of Venezuelan oil to Belarus via the Baltic ports. Meanwhile, international observers have expressed doubts about the profitability of transporting oil from Venezuela to Belarus and say, primarily The political character of Alexander Lukashenko contracts with Hugo Chavez.

According to the Strategy, Belarus also counts for 10 years to produce 9,000,000 tons of oil in Iran.



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