Oleg Dolmatov: CHARACTER — Our trump card ‘

[Img] http://fc-rostov.ru/imgs/filestore/4369156.big.jpg [/ img] At the time of our conversation Dolmatov was serious and focused. Questions were answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. How else, after all interviews for the coach — is also part of the job. To work as a mentor, "Rostov" used to treat very seriously. That and demands from his players. As a result — the strong leadership of the Don of the club in the first round. [Cut] — Oleg what the main components of success that has come to the "Rostov" in the first stage of the championship? — The team we have selected a good one. And in this great achievement of competent management and selection work carried out in the winter and Alexander Shikunova Pavel Andreev, a huge thanks to them. In general, I want to emphasize that the club is now working professionals in their field. And our leadership, headed by chairman Ali Uzdenova doing everything to ensure that the team has not had any problems. Believe me, this is not just a duty nod to the "top." To me, the works of many clubs,'ve encountered different situations, there is nothing to compare. So, in the "Rostov" is now truly the work of a very high quality set. We, the coaches and the players, of course, all of this and feel obliged to break into a cake, but to provide the desired result. — And what is the major trump cards of this "Rostov"? — First of all, the character possessed by the players. They had to show it more than once. When the fighters come out on the field, there is nothing to fear. And directly in the game plan our best qualities — it's speed and reliability in the attack from behind. With good goalkeeper and defenders miss small, and fast action ahead of us to ensure goals scored. — And the disadvantages? — Lack of skills in some children. But it is — a matter of time, because we have a young team, many players found themselves for the first time in such a "meat grinder", so they certainly will add more. The main thing — they have great potential. Here take Volodya Dyadyuna — before he appeared for the reserves, "Ruby", a "basis" spent only a few matches. And being in the "Rostov", faced with the fact that it fell on him at once a huge responsibility. And, as you can see, did not flinch, and in fact the guy just recently turned 20 years old. Because he has the desire to grow and progress, to achieve something in his football career. And there, where an experienced player can give yourself some slack, Dyadyun would not do. The man in charge. Will continue to work just as purposefully — is sure to be playing at a high level. — With Dyadyunu clear. About Kozlov say? — Too young player with a good prospect. When he's all right — gets a well-deserved praise. Slightly reduce to his demands — immediately sent to the bench. This is a kind of educational moment. Misha has to understand that the competition for a place in the big, so we have to work and prove your level of each workout, and not through time. — Before the season, you said that a team of three equal score. Championship as the main goalkeeper started Levitsky, and then "the number one" consistently took Gerus. On what is your choice? — By Roma I have no complaints. At the beginning of the championship, however, there were some doubts about it, because I thought that after the disastrous for the team last year, it will be difficult especially psychologically. Therefore, in the first two games in goal held Levitsky. But Max had these games, well, not too confident, and then in the back Gerus. And do not disappoint. In general, we have a third goalkeeper — Stas Khoteyev — also a pretty good football player, and if anything, it can always be relied upon. In the meantime, once again, the actions Gerus satisfy me. I hope this will continue. — K line of defense, should not think you too much questions asked? — I have already said that confident of defense — one of the key building our game. When the back order and there is no fire, there is always easier to play. Especially as we have in the defensive actions involved not only the back four, but the whole team. And when it's done responsibly and cohesively moments at the gate almost never happens. This is especially true away games where the home team always pay great attention to the attack. — In the first round of the "Rostov" a single game is not held in the same lineup. What's the deal here? — Yes, the rotation of our constant. This, of course, is not very good, but it turns out. At the beginning of the championship we are still experimenting, making up for the fact that no time at training camp — looking for the best combination of players. Then came the injury, disqualification — the players dropped out one by one, and then the whole group at once. So we had to shuffle the composition is not a good life. But do not worry — in principle, despite the constant rebuilding, no one really did not drop out of the game. — In your opinion, the team now has a margin of safety, which in the case of what you can rely on? — In order for it to be as it should be, we are now actively working on finding new players who can strengthen the team. After all, in the middle line was virtually no choice — Kulchiy with Osipov can not both do the job, they need to actively help. Well, that recently have added Ivanov Kireev — it became easier. In defense, too, need to add a few skilled performers. — You have mentioned the presence of the players character. One especially inoculate him his charge? — Nature — it's either there or it is not. At any one game can be configured as follows, "make", but such a long distance as the tournament in the first division, the nature of man is not artificially privesh any means. — Athletic Director "Rostov" Alexander Shikunov told me that sometimes you communicate with the players in a fairly hard way … — Anything can happen. But I try not to cross the face of what is permissible in a relationship 'coach — football player. " Sometimes we have to talk to the players in a hard tone, so that they did not appear complacent, or when you notice that someone is hurt too relaxed. It is necessary to keep the players in good shape, and that's necessary to be harsh. And not because I really wanted it, but for them also, guys, good. — And a voice often you raise? — It happens … But football is woven out of emotion, not them — and not the game itself. Indifference is not allowed. — What is the point in the first round was for "Rostov" milestone, the key? — Most likely, just that when we come out on top and were able to gain a foothold on it. That is, in the course of visits to Novorossiysk and Krasnodar. There we had a very heavy game, four points literally dragged his veins. After that, perhaps, and charge more energy and self-confidence. — Despite the team occupies the first place, football in her performance, many fans are subjected to severe criticism. What do you say to that? — Yes, I agree, the game we have enough pragmatic. But so it could not be. To risk playing out openly with sword unsheathed, it was akin to suicide, rivals for us it's sure to be punished. And lose, since expected to be in the lead, had no right. In addition to playing in the delicate combination football, you need a good field, and in the first league of their little, and our emphasis on the speed of this card will just offset. So why dig a hole to themselves? I understand dissatisfaction of fans, but we have in the first place result. — Oleg, given how hard this season to you personally? — Frankly speaking, is not easy. Very much experience. But this is understandable — the team faces a major challenge, and very tough, no deviation from the chosen path should not be. Therefore, the voltage is colossal. Responsibility presses, every g
ame — on the nerves. But I'm not complaining — this is the coaching profession. — The second round will be more difficult than the first one? — Of course. It always happens. Now that's the real race begins — what a start in the Premier League, that for the right to survive in the first division. That is, it began as early as the first round, but now even more acute. Imagine what we are waiting for the battle. But we will not waver, and withstand the test. The team at us, as we have said, with character. — Leadership is not fraught with the danger of psychological barrier, when the players will develop a fear of any mistake? — No, this does not happen, no barrier will not. Psychologically much worse when you do not win, you lose a lot. We, fortunately, now the opposite is true. [I] Victor Shpital'nik, Football Courier [/ i]

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