[Img] http://fc-rostov.ru/imgs/filestore/4369415.big.jpg [/ img] [b] How was the match? [/ B] The match was very militant, but almost no points. "Knight" in the meeting looked at about 30 players, and, of course, each of fresh players wanted to show themselves. We also saw various versions of the game, keeping in mind the forthcoming match with the "Values". Some episodes are loved, somewhere to build relationships on the field, especially for beginners, but will have to do it directly in the second round. Oleg, of course, all the fans are interested in your opinion of the striker Khong, who spent the second half today? My opinion — he's a great player. One of the best players in Asia, regularly called in his team. Very interesting and non-standard player. During the time that he is on the assembly — he proved it. [Cut] [b] It looked like Korean striker today's match? [/ B] looked good. Regularly sharpened game. However, people who have seen it in other games, note that this is not the highest level of Hong. I'd love to say it is the short game Novotroitsk, but I am afraid, will not have time to gather all the necessary paperwork. Hong was one of the best training camp in Novogorske, and given the need for a striker, we need it as soon as possible. [B] What can you say about Gitselove and Gatskane? [/ B] The two had a good match, but there is not enough of course well-established relationships with partners. In addition, it is noticeable that Gatskan more inclined to attack, and today he played as a midfielder. [B] In what form are recovered from the trauma of leather, aspen, Mogilev? [/ B] I would say not in the best. [B] Podmoskovny collection is almost over. Can you sum it up? [/ B] I believe that the collection was normal. We were trained in the maintenance mode, given that the boys were only 6 days to rest. In the middle of the collection, we conducted a series of training with serious workloads, and now tangential approach to the football game with "Values". [B] Can we say that the same starting line-up will be on the field and in Novotroitsk? [/ B] I think that is not quite true. We are waiting for the return of Nikita Denisov, who is in the national team. There may be variations in the line of attack. [B] Are there any other newcomers? [/ B] Yes, we are expecting another player. [B] Who are the players have decided to leave? [/ B] There are some players who do not take place in the first team. But I would not call it a parting. We want to give them match practice, giving them out to other clubs. We are not so much the number of players to toss them.

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