Olga Karach — Winner of the International Award for Courage

Vitebsk human rights activist Olga Karach Radeboylskay won the International Award "for courage."

The award is named after the German town Radeboyl (near Dresden), where in 1645 there were truce, and thus put an end to the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) — one of the first mizhevrapeyskih conflicts.

From 2004 times two years, Radeboylskaya Prize is awarded to the courage of public figures from the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe for its contribution to the public interest, the protection of nature and Human Rights. According to organizers, the current laureate known in his homeland as the author of the project aimed at preserving the legal rule of law and the development of civil society in demanding environments. In past years, winners of the award were also representatives of Belarus: Journalist and human rights activist Alex King Oleg Volchek. The current award ceremony, the size of which is € 5000, traditionally held in the famous ancient radeboylskay Church of Peace at the end of the week.



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