On the east coast of the U.S. hit a powerful hail

Floe broke, wind drove the gulls in the house.

Thunder and lightning struck the Boston and other cities in the eastern U.S.,reports Bloomberg.

Powerful front ride from Massachusetts to Delaware breaking trees and smashing the windows of cars and houses a powerful hail. In New York, it was announced by Storm warning in the flight schedule was changed.

Especially a lot of trouble the Americans brought hail. Some hailstones reached a diameter of three to four inches. Wind in Boston was so powerful that it knocked out of the way seagulls who sought refuge from the elements in human homes.

"This is a very dangerous storm. If you're on the road prepare to meet in a way that malicious winds, destructive hail and deadly lightning. If you are near a populated area, leave the car and take cover in a sturdy house, without going to the windows, "- said American meteorologists.

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