One battery Tigers can replace antitank battalion

The battery of eight armored "Tiger", equipped with anti-tank guided missile, "Cornet", can replace the whole antitank battalion. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS news agency reported yesterday Russian army chief of staff, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin during a visit to the landfill 106th Guards Airborne Division in Tula region, where he arrived on Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. 

"Eight of these machines that have guided missiles and 16 may be replaced by the efficiency Artillery Battalion — say anti-tank guns, M-12" — Chirkin said, referring to Rogozin.

In turn, the Deputy Prime Minister said that, in fact, one such machine can destroy 16 tanks, that is able to effectively deal directly with the entire tank company. "I also think that it (the machine" Tiger ") is also a good export potential," — said Rogozin.

Chirkin, in turn, said that the march of the machines in Kosovo committed to three times faster than armored personnel carriers. "This is a car. In the motorized infantry brigade will be enough of such anti-tank battery (8-10 vehicles) and they will replace the division, "- he said.

During the inspection of the vice-premier exposition of military combat vehicles, Deputy General Director of JSC "Instrument Design Bureau" Nikolay Khokhlov said that the motion of this war machine removed all the weapons inside the cabin. Thus, the machine does not stand out. Also, he said, are "Tigers" are to deliver fire on helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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