One day with … Goblin (Dmitry Puchkov) watch online

One day with ...  Goblin (Dmitry Puchkov) watch online
One of the most popular Russian translators movie Dmitry "Goblin" Tufts can not brag unnecessary restraint in judgments. For that and many are not used to love (or vice versa tired of) political correctness citizens. Hence — the wealth in an interview with "schizophrenic" and "degenerates." Beams — the creator of a half-dozen books, translator the same number of computer games and 10 s movies and cartoons, some of which is translated "right" and the other — a parody. The peculiarity of his translations — in the absence of smoothed corners. Dmitry Tufts is engaged not only the "correct translations of" Hollywood's best-sellers. During his life, the Goblin had to test himself in almost every profession — was a mechanic, taxi driver, driller, an electrician, a librarian, an engineer, and, of course, a police officer.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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