OSCE waiting for an invitation to the polls

Head of the OSCE Office in Minsk Benedikt Haller hopes that the organization will be invited to observe the presidential elections in Belarus. He stated this in an interview with BelaPAN.

"I also hope that we will have the opportunity to observe a professional, then there are long-term and short-term," — said the diplomat.

On He said, OSCE representatives are ready to start work as soon as it announced the date of the presidential election in Belarus. "I am confident that our colleagues from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the OSCE also mentally ready to start working and waiting for confirmation of the date of the election, "- said Haller.

Benedikt Haller

Commenting on Russian media reports that the assistant President of Russia Sergei Prikhodko has already given the order to begin negotiations with the OSCE on the joint monitoring of the presidential elections in Belarus, Haller said, "In the past, Russian observers participated in missions of observation from the CIS. Logically, if Russia as a member of the OSCE to send observers, and in support of the OSCE Mission" .

In this case, Galer said that earlier estimates of the election results, the data by Russian observers and observers from the OSCE different. "Although not had be different because the professional observation of elections is held by certain techniques and dictated by the laws of the genre, "- said the head of the OSCE Office in Belarus.

It is worth noting that during the last parliamentary (December 2007) and presidential (March 2008) elections in Russia ODIHR refused to send observers to them because of the unwillingness of Moscow to create favorable conditions for the observation mission.

In Belarus, the OSCE ODIHR watched all the parliamentary and presidential elections since 2000.



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