Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Ryazan after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 356 places

Kindergarten number 128 began work in 1977. Before the renovation, it was visited by 256 kids, comprised of 11 teams. During the reconstruction in kindergarten there was a third floor, renovated facilities of the first and second floors, landscaped grounds. For the time being the children were assigned to neighboring preschools.

The construction of the third floor it possible to open a kindergarten number 128, which is located on the Moscow highway, 5 additional groups with 100 seats.

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In the city posleny Nahabino Moscow region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 95 seats

Kozinskiy kindergarten was opened after major overhaul passed departmental kindergarten number 32 JSC "Elijah — whiskers" with 95 seats. Repair work carried out by the budget Krasnogorsk municipal district. In kindergarten, provided musical gym, sports and playgrounds, modern equipped medical unit.



In Podolsk, Moscow region after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for one hundred seats

May 15 once again took his young pupils of the oldest in the Podolsk kindergarten number 1. One hundred preschoolers received vouchers to kindergarten.

The building of a children's institution in 1937 built just did not know: it underwent a major renovation of the facade and roof, interior and engineering services in accordance with the requirements of modern, newly landscaped grounds. Kindergarten was given the name "The Scarlet Flower".


The station Sedelnikovo Sverdlovsk region after cap repair opened a kindergarten for 65 seats

The opening of "Kindergarten number 7" Rainbow "was held at the station Sedelnikovo. The restoration was carried out in July 2012. In "Rainbow" is now open 4 groups — it is 40 kids. But the garden is waiting for completion, as were distributed to the direction of sixty-five children.


In the village of October Novosibirsk region after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for 30 seats

Overhaul of the building, which was formerly the October school preparation class secondary school, made in October 2012 — May 2013. Reconstruction performed in an area of 315 square meters.

Was undeveloped new, replacing floors, pitched roof, equipped with heated floor, made redevelopment areas, old wooden windows replaced with modern plastic, made the façade of the building, insulated walls, made landscaping of the adjacent territory to the manufacture fencing and sidewalks device.

Reinventing the kindergarten building is designed for 30 seats. The works are made with funding from the regional and local budgets.


In the village of Bamovskaya Belenky Amur region discovered a group of short-stay children

Group short-stay children located on the first floor of a house. The funds of the district budget (over 500 thousand) redecorate a room, replaced windows, bought furniture and toys. The group will work from 9 am to 12 noon. Today it recorded five children. Closer to September in the group will be seven people.


In Khabarovsk, the school was opened after renovation number 12

May 17 after repairs opened a school number 12. In addition to the updated training classes the school has received the latest training equipment worth 16 million rubles from the regional budget.

Mobile computer labs, electronic digital laboratory for research and experimental work, computer and multimedia equipment, interactive whiteboards — all this will enable institutions to acquire a new status of digital school.

At the entrance to the school is set access system using biometric identifiers. In the school hallways located terminals containing school schedule and other useful information, as well as having access to educational Internet resources. In the near future, the school will be free access to the Internet on technology Wi-Fi.

Director of the school Savostina Elena was awarded a certificate for the purchase of a new modern nanotechnology laboratory complex.


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